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Design's new wave

Nature inspired Greenline's own office designs.

A view from the top
A view from the top

Nature inspired Greenline's own office designs.

Greenline Interiors, providers of high-end interior, manufacturing and contracting services was Greenline Group's first commercial endeavour. Following the company's success it discovered it could employ its craftsmanship into another niche industry, this is where its subsidiary company Greenline Yacht Interiors was formed.

In order to accommodate rapid business expansion, Greenline Interiors, and its subsidiary recently opened its two new offices in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai.

Maintaining a natural atmosphere through the use of neutral colours and materials, such as dark wood, marble, and tones of white, silver and green, Greenline was able to showcase its expertise in interiors through the designing of both of its new facilities.

"Our inspiration for the Greenline Interiors offices was to keep all aspects of the interiors and exteriors of the offices serene and peaceful, by bringing nature inside the building," said Samir Badro, chairman and CEO of Greenline Interiors.

"By introducing Japanese Gardens outside the offices we managed to do so, creating gardens that surround the VIP area, and which can also be enjoyed in other offices. Both indoor and outdoor areas are spacious and opulent, with a natural feel."

The same thought went into the Greenline Yacht Interior office, where its design subtly incorporates aspects of the sea and marine styling.

"Introducing details such as blue tinted glass, indoor water features, and having the entire office surrounded by water helped achieve this," said Badro.

"We aspired to bringing the exterior design of a yacht and its surroundings indoors, with our interiors. All of the designs for the offices were executed by Greenline Interiors, and were kept clean, modern and spacious.

"Water is the element that personifies calmness and tranquility, which is the atmosphere that we wanted to portray at our new facilities. In both offices we incorporated water features, but it is the exterior of the Greenline Yacht offices resembling a sail, which demonstrates this idea most," he added.

Upon entering the office building, clients and staff are welcomed with an enormous lobby area. In order to keep such a large area of space modern yet luxurious, Greenline incorporated an organic feel with a variety of earthy colours, by using wood, glass and leather.

Greenline Interior offices are represented through craftsmanship. The signature panel behind the main reception desk is an example of this craftsmanship."

Following the reception/lobby is a waiting area, overlooking surrounding gardens the space is finished with contemporary leather sofas, brightly coloured in yellows and greens and orange.

This same modern theme emphasised through the use of intense leathers against a white back drop of painted walls and marble floors, is also incorporated into the VIP dining room on the upper floor of the building.

"We sourced materials from all over the world. We used pure white marble for the floors, special leathers, such as crocodile, for the panels, as well as a new style combination of leather and suede for the both the VIP dining area, the lobby and various other areas," said Badro.

"In addition, in Greenline Yacht Interiors offices, we used specially designed fused glass for the main lobby to represent waves. The sandblasted glass for the doors and walls of the conference rooms also promotes an open feel yet a sense of privacy. On the stairs of the offices, we created a deck-like feel by using wood for the steps," he continued.

The overall built up area of space used for both the Greenline Interiors and Greenline Yacht Interiors facilities measured a massive 600 000 ft2, 280000 ft2 of the total being the Yacht Interiors factory, (the largest yacht interior factory in the world).

Having such a large plot of land to work with, the teams' initial design brief was to keep the offices spacious throughout. For this, lighting played a crucial part in the design - natural lighting in particular.

Floor to ceiling glass can be found in the majority of the offices, dining areas and conference/meeting rooms, allowing natural light to shine into each room. Subtle, yet stylish lamps, fibre optics and spotlights also add finishing touches to the overall look of the Greenline offices.

"To create interesting and dynamic lighting, as well as using direct lighting, indirect lighting, such as fibre optics can also found in both offices - these all play a very important role in creating the correct ambience," said Badro.

Designing such a big space took time, and like any other project of this scale, as Badro explains, brought a number of challenges. "One challenge for us was ensuring that everything was finished in the record time demanded by our stringent deadlines."

"We also experimented in our use of different treatments of leather and suede, an important aspect of constantly improvising and innovating - but also time consuming. However, probably our biggest challenge was working with huge panes of glass for the windows, the most difficult being one whole pane which measured 4m x 2.4m."

As a long established company within the region, the new offices make way for further expansion. Adopting current trends in contemporary interior design through the research and developments of new methods of working with materials and processes, "Greenline Interiors and Greenline Yacht Interiors were able to achieve the most significant challenge - incorporating a sense of luxury within a very simple design," he concluded.

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