Karcher offers cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

With air quality as its poorest during the summer months, Karcher ME presents five best practices in maintaining a healthy and clean environment

According to a report from Karcher, almost a third of residents in the UAE suffer from allergies
According to a report from Karcher, almost a third of residents in the UAE suffer from allergies

With summer in full swing and the Holy Month of Ramadan soon to begin, staying indoors and out of the scorching hot sun is a given for residents in the Middle East. Though this bodes well for those seeking shelter from the heat and the dust, it can prove to be a difficult time for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis or conjunctivitis.

According to a report from Karcher, almost a third of residents in the UAE suffer from allergies. The danger lies with indoor and outdoor allergy triggers, which include the likes of dust, dust mites, pet dander, mould spores and micro-organisms residing in air-conditioning vents. For allergy sufferers it can be equally as disastrous as a heat stroke.

To tackle this issue, Karcher Middle East, a cleaning technology and service company, has offered up five cleaning tips to help combat allergy triggers and essentially ‘allergy-proof’ your surrounding environment.

Wipe furniture with damp or antistatic cloth

Cleaning is a double-edged sword. Wiping dust off surfaces actually releases allergens like dust into the air. To avoid this, wipe furniture with a moist or an antistatic cloth. This modern form of cleaning cloth facilitates dust removal, as the particles are attracted by the electric charge and adhere to the cloth. The general rule is dust first, then vacuum.

Dilute cleaning agents with water

Some cleaning products can trigger allergic reaction that could affect some people’s skin or respiratory tract. Reduce the concentration of cleaning agents by diluting them with water. Don’t worry; this won’t affect the cleaning agent’s potency. Cleaning without the use of chemicals is also possible with a steam cleaner such as the SC 1 Premium from Kärcher, which is ideal for ensuring hygienic cleanliness of hard surfaces.

Keep rooms adequately ventilated while cleaning

Irritating cleaning agents and air-borne dust in enclosed areas are a significant problem for allergy sufferers. To prevent this, house-dust allergy sufferers must always ensure there is good air circulation in the room when cleaning. During the hot season, ventilate the room early in the morning when the temperature is not so high. But before doing so, make sure that the weather permits and there is no sandstorm. Effective room air purifiers or mesh screens on windows and doors are also recommended to keep allergens at bay.

Fold bed covers; hang pillows and covers outdoors

Made beds looks nice, but this also makes it easier for dust mites to survive because most of the moisture produced during the night through perspiration remains trapped under the bed cover. To prevent this, fold back the covers and air the room. It also helps to hang pillows and covers outdoors for a while. Remaining dust mites are destroyed by washing bed linen at 60 to 95 degrees Celsius or according to washing instructions. House-dust allergy sufferers can also use encasings, which are dust-mite-proof covers, for mattresses, pillows and covers.

Use vacuum cleaners with a water-filter system

These machines bind the vacuumed dirt in water, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. The DS 6.000 vacuum cleaner from Kärcher features a water filter for thoroughly clean floors and fresher, dust-free air. The dirt not retained in the water filter is collected in the machine with a HEPA 13 filter, which retains tiny dust particles as well as 99.99% of allergy-triggering excrements from house dust mites. The result: no more sneezing or coughing!

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