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In a world that wants everything yesterday, is not even landscaping immune from the must-have-it-now mentality?

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In a world that wants everything yesterday, is not even landscaping immune from the must-have-it-now mentality?

From what 've seen so far, it would appear not. Despite the growing scarcity of plant material, there is huge pressure on contractors working in the Middle East to create impressive landscapes from day one.

I even came across one project a few months ago where extra plants were being put in at the start to ensure the area had the desired 'full' look for the launch, with the intention being of then removing those same plants two years down the line when the space would start to look that little bit too full.

While infant landscapes are understandably less attractive than mature ones, landscaping should not be rushed. Plants are living things, and need time and space to grow into their surroundings.

Not only are instant landscapes in demand but more exotic ones too. As local plants become in short supply, there is a growing trend for a more exotic plant palette in the region. But can you can really uproot a plant used to the tropical climes of Asia, for example, and expect it to thrive in the desert? Or is it just an exercise in futility? And what is wrong with the region's native plants anyway?

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