Qatar prepared for UN climate change conference

Qatar will present impressive credentials, in its venture to mitigate carbon emissions at the Paris UN Climate Change Conference next month

At the next UN Climate Change Conference in Paris next month, Qatar will present impressive credentials.
At the next UN Climate Change Conference in Paris next month, Qatar will present impressive credentials.

Qatar will be presenting impressive credentials at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris next month. 

Along with governments from 196 countries, and as the 2012 host country of UN Climate Change, Qatar will be attending the summit with impressive credentials, clear demonstraion of its commitment in the emission mitigation.

Governments are preparing to meet at the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in an effort to seal a global agreement on setting a long term goal on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

In the last few years Qatar  has launched a series of emission mitigation projects, with the latest in the series the Qatargas-supported gas recovery facility, which is expected to recover more than 600,000 tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year.

The $1bn project is recognised as the world’s biggest environment protection investment and is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.6 million tonnes annually.

Qatar has launched a series of national and international initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating its commitment to reducing global GHG emission.

In line with its 2030 National Vision, with sustainability key, Qatar has implemented a number of voluntary initiatives to address climate change and sustainable development objectives, which include QP’s Corporate objective of achieving zero gas flaring, Qatar’s membership of the World Bank Greenhouse gas reduction programme, the recovery and utilisation of associated gas from Al Shaheen Field and subsequent registration of this project under the Clean development Mechanism.

The latest field to be developed in Qatar and the first to have zero gas flaring, is the development of the Al Karakara oil field.

Qatar’s $15m contribution to the energy research and climate change fund announced at OPEC summit held in Riyadh, is another gesture of the country’s commitment in battling the emission rate.

The State of Qatar, in its initial National Communication to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, noted that the country is already working on a $70m 10-year joint research project with Shell, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Imperial College London, focusing in carbon capture and storage technologies.

Another major initiative in its battle against climate change is Qatar’s $210m investment into the UK venture capital fund for clean energy.

Other initiatives include funding research into clean technologies and the investigation of energy and water use efficiency as part of a comprehensive study conducted by UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia.

Among others, are a recent investigation by QP into the use of renewable energy in Qatar; the establishment of formal institutions to manage climate change issues, the development of environmentally sensitive public transport systems, including the investigation of electric taxis and buses and plans for a mass transport network and the initiation of a national team on “environmental policies for renewable energy”, chaired by the Ministry of Environment (MoE).

According to the Ministry's communiqué to the UN, over the past decade, Qatar has made significant investments in its oil and gas industry, leading to a substantial increase in the production and subsequent availability of these cleaner fossil fuels to consumers worldwide.

As a result of consumer countries’ switching to these premium fuels, particularly to LNG, Qatar has been contributing indirectly to the global efforts to mitigate climate change. Moreover, Qatar’s exports of lower carbon cleaner fuels are helping consumer countries to realize their reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and to improve domestic environmental conditions as an ancillary benefit e.g. better air quality conditions, The Peninsula repots.

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