Lateness accounts for majority of UAE speeding

Lateness, fun, and habit are top three reasons for speeding on UAE roads, according to research from and Zurich

Lateness accounts for the majority of speeding on UAE roads.
Lateness accounts for the majority of speeding on UAE roads.

Lateness accounts for the majority of speeding on UAE roads, according to research from and Zurich.

More than two thirds (67%) of UAE speeders admitted to doing so because of lateness. “For fun / to impress others” was the second most common reason given (53%), and habit was third (45%).

Other explanations for speeding included: knowledge of speed camera locations (39%); the belief that the roads are designed for speed (27%); a desire to test a car's abilities (22%); and the perception that speeding is culturally accepted in the UAE (21%). 15% of drivers thought that they were unlikely to be caught speeding, and 5% reported being undeterred by speeding fines.

Commenting on the findings, Thomas Edelmann, founder of, said: “Despite widespread awareness of the UAE's driving rules, far too many motorists seem to be consciously ignoring the dangers of speeding. We need to address the main motivations behind speeding by holistic and permanent awareness initiatives, focusing on the need for proper time management and the importance of overcoming the nuisance of impressing others and entrenched habits. Only then can we begin to overcome this serious problem that affects all of us in the UAE.”

Encouragingly, 82% of UAE drivers claim not to have driven faster than the official maximum enforced speed limits of 140km/h. However, 5% of respondents claimed to have driven at speeds between 180km/h and 260km/h.

Awareness that speeding is the main contributor to accidents and fatalities on UAE roads is high, with 83% supporting this view.86% of respondents believe that current speed limits in the Emirates are appropriate or too high. 12% feel that they are too low and 1% would like to see them abolished.

Breaking the speed limit is especially prevalent among young drivers, with 29% of respondents aged between 18 and 24 admitting to speeding on a quarter or more of their trips.

Brian Reilly, CEO of Zuich Insurance Middle East, said: “Speeding is one of the main killers on our roads, but thankfully, awareness of its dangers is now firmly established. Of concern, however, ignorance seems to have been replaced by ambivalence, with too many young motorists disregarding the clear risks and habitually speeding on the UAE roads.”

Zahir Sharif, Zurich Insurance Middle East's general manager UAE, concluded: “Making the UAE's roads safer is a responsibility that everyone in the country shares. Through our partnership with, Zurich hopes to encourage all car users to take a moment to think about their actions behind the wheel and make small changes to protect themselves and their fellow motorists.”

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