Trends shaping GCC's elevator access market

Kone’s Omer Al-Jamel and Delmon’s Kaseem Al Hachem highlight the latest trends and technologies currently shaping the GCC’s elevator access market

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Elevators are no longer simply about getting from A to B. In fact in the grand spectrum of a building’s management, a number of considerations are currently being considered by developers in regards to elevator access. 

The first and foremost lies with security and ensuring that both visitors and regulars only have access to their assigned floors. Equally as important is also the movement of human traffic throughout the structure, ensuring that people reach their destination in a timely fashion. Lastly, there is also the issue of sustainability and devising an effective use of elevator that consumes the least amount of energy.

Energy conservation is a recen focus area of Delmon Elevation Company, a service provider that supplies, installs and maintains a variety of vertical transportation systems, such as escalators, travellators, platform lifts and dumbwaiters.

Hoping to cater to the increasing demand for energy efficient products, spurred on by national initiatives across the region, Delmon has introduced ORANA elevators as part of its offerings.

As an authorised agent and exclusive distributor of the Spanish product line for Dubai and northern Emirates, Orana elevators add eco-friendly element to Delmon’s existing portfolio. Boasting building adaptability, control and safety, the elevator is built upon an eco-design, certified by the global UNE 150310 standard.

Delmon Elevation’s portfolio includes over 200 installations in the UAE, with an additional 100 elevators in various stages of implementation.

Over the past year, the company has installed several lifts in residential structures in Sharjah, which include Al Jamaa residential and the Obeid Salem building.

“Some of our recently awarded contracts include Al Memzar Contracting, Oasis Tech Contracting, Al Watan Construction and Tamkeen Contracting and Decoration,” comments Kassem Al Hachem, general manager at Delmon Elevation Company.

“Recently, we installed panoramic lifts at the Desert Palm Resort, a platform lift for DHL at Meydan, passengers and cargo lifts at Al Shaab Village and a passenger lift at the Waitrose supermarket in Jumeirah.”

Highlighting figures from a recent industry report, Al Hachem projects a lucrative year ahead for Delmon, thanks largely to an elevator industry currently valued at $1.5bn a year, and with expectations of 700,000 elevator units to be installed across the region by 2018. In particular, the UAE market is not only driven by large infrastructure projects, but also holds nine of the region’s 16 skyscrapers in current development.

“I think we will see a 10 to 12% increase in Dubai sales for Delmon Elevation over the course of the next year,” adds Al Hachem.

For fellow vertical transport manufacturer and that supplier KONE, the goal is more than ensuring people reach the floor they need to. For the Finnish company, the focus is on enhancing the mobility of human traffic throughout the structure.

What this entails is the monitoring and directing of human traffic , in the most efficient and timely manner possibly, from the moment they enter a structure, to when they arrive at their desired location. This is the essence behind People Flow Intelligence.

“Our objective is to offer the best People Flow experience by developing and delivering solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting in buildings in an increasingly urbanising environment,” explains Omer Al-Jamel, regional business development manager

“The concentration of people in urban areas increases the importance of moving them efficiently. Economic growth translates into higher standards of living. World’s population is also aging at an unprecedented rate and the importance of accessibility in buildings and urban infrastructure will increase accordingly.”

With more than 1,000 offices across 60 countries, and with a regional presence covering UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain, KONE have been involved in a number of reputable projects across the region.

Possibly the firm’s most notable project to date lies with the Kingdom Tower Jeddah, currently on the fast-track to becoming the world’s tallest building. The Finnish company has also been involved in the Doha Tower in Doha and Cayan Tower, Princess Tower and Al Fattam Marine Towers in Dubai, and the Al-Dar HQ and Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi.

Additional projects include the Headquarters Business Park in Saudi Arabia, where KONE Destination Control Systems were deployed, as well as the Le Royal Hotel in Jordan, where the company modernised 32 of the hotel’s elevators.

In addition to managing the effective movement of human traffic on a daily basis, KONE also focus on safety, as well as energy efficiency.

In the case of the latter, the firm has developed its own internal programme at tackling sustainability.

“Our Environmental Excellence program supports the ongoing transformation of the built environment into smart eco cities, low carbon communities, and net zero energy buildings,” explains Al-Jamel.

“We believe that the GCC market will continue to be developing and further incorporate the demand on green technology in which KONE focus on extensively.

“We will continue with our commitment to understand the needs of our customers and to provide industry leading products and services. Our products will be an important element in the future urban landscape,” he concluded.

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