This year's Big 5 show is being billed as the biggest ever, with over 2,500 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors expected. Over the next five pages MEP Middle East outlines some of the highlights for MEP professionals.

With construction at an all-time high in the Middle East, the number of firms involved in the industry has also spiralled.

This booming market is reflected in the growth of the region's largest event for construction, The Big 5.

And with many buildings now well underway or coming to completion, the MEP sector will represent a significant proportion of this year's event as the means of servicing buildings comes to the fore.

Expected to be 20% larger than the 2005 event, around 2,500 exhibitors have signed up for the five-day event in Dubai's International Exhibition Centre.

Firms from a total of 56 countries will be exhibiting this year, including newcomers The Philippines, giving a strong indication of the importance of the local construction sector to the world economy.

Seven industry sectors will be covered, including building and construction; water technology and environment; plus air conditioning and refrigeration.

This is reportedly the only specialist event in the Middle East for water technologies, an area that is already burgeoning in the region.

It is estimated that US $7 billion (AED26 billion) will be invested in the development of the UAE's water resources over the next 25 years.

As the local population increases with the number of buildings, the demand for desalination plants to provide a continuous water supply is heading upwards.

But so too is the need for water conservation and many of the firms at the show will be displaying products that aim to reduce waste and overall water consumption.

Phillipines-based World Chem Enviro Technologies will be showcasing its waste and wastewater technologies and equipment, while CheqPoint Tech Trading will be explaining the benefits of water treatment without chemicals.

Geberit will be exhibiting products for both sides of the water market, with pipes for water supply and drainage plus products that ensure the conservation of water, such as automatic taps and flushing systems.

Another side of the water market that is predicted to develop in the immediate future is the use of plastics pipes.

As the price of metals continues to rise, alternatives to traditional steel pipes are increasingly being sought.

This fact is set to be represented at the show with firms such as Cosmoplast exhibiting their ranges.

The largest increase in MEP representatives at the event though is set to be from the air conditioning market.

This sector is experiencing a healthy boom in the Middle East as the population expands and new real estate ventures continue to be developed.

Whether residential, commercial or retail, one factor remains consistent with all of the new developments in the region: the need for air conditioning.

Sales of air conditioning units have grown by 56% in the past six years and the trend is expected to continue.

The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA) alone is predicting sales of over 2.7 million units by 2008.

Several of the world's largest air conditioning manufacturers are using the event to launch their latest products, with energy efficiency and environmental considerations being common themes in new features added.

JCI-York is responding to the fast-track nature of the local construction projects with a packaged chiller plant that requires no external transformers.

The firm is also promoting a range of car park ventilation systems with low operating costs and efficient air mixing.

UTS Carrier returns to the event this year with a range of new products, including chillers that use the non ozone-depleting refrigerant HFC 134 plus window air conditioners that have an increased energy efficiency ratio.

Others from the air conditioning sector that will be exhibiting at Big 5 include Bry-Air (Asia), and for the first time, Daikin Middle East, which is highlighting a version of its variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system that has been developed specifically for the Middle East market.

Manufacturers are responding to the fast changes and needs of the Middle East MEP market.

And with many other product launches expected at the Big 5 event, many of these on display over the five days are sure to find a place in future installations around the region.  

Bry-air (Asia)

Who are you?
Bry-Air (Asia) is a multinational; ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company and a joint venture of Bry-Air, USA.

It is an application engineering company that specialises in environmental control, industrial dehumidification systems, refrigeration and air/gas separation.

Its product ranges include dehumidifiers, heat recovery systems, plastics dryers and auxiliary equipment.

What's new for Big 5?
Bry-air (Asia) will showcase its desiccant based dehumidifiers that remove moisture from air by process of continuous physical adsorption.

It will also exhibit the Ecofresh heat recovery wheel, which is a high performance rotary heat exchanger, that enhances the indoor air quality by recovering energy from the polluted indoor air being exhausted and replacing it with fresh preconditioned air, without adding to energy costs.

New on display at Big 5 Show will be the Fresh Air Treatment Unit using desiccant rotor with hot water regeneration.

This unit dehumidifies and cools the fresh air.

The desiccant technology applied requires low temperature reactivation and can be achieved by hot water generally available in commercial buildings. It is suitable for applications like hotels, hospitals and healthcare facilities requiring cool and dry air to maintain humidity and desired indoor air quality.

Also on display will be the energy recovery ventilation unit for villas.

This unit is equipped with a heat recovery wheel, cooling coil (DX or CHW) and heat pipe heat exchanger.

It is designed to exhaust the stale air from villas and provide treated fresh air that is dry and almost at room temperature level.

The unit is designed from 300CFM to 1000 CFM capacity.

Visitors to the show can also attend the seminar entitled “New technologies for humidity control/IAQ using desiccants".

Where to contact?


Stand number: 1A 20


Winters Instruments

Who are you?
Winters Instruments is a global manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation catering to the hvac, heavy process, industrial, petrochemical, commercial and pharmaceutical industries.

The firm has been in business since 1953 and its global headquarters is in Toronto, Canada.

It manufactures and promotes its products from its offices in Canada, USA, South America, Africa, and China.

Its distribution partner in Dubai is Abdulla Bin Hamid Trading.

What's new for Big 5?

Winters Instruments Bimetal thermometer with integral resistance temperature detector (RTD) was developed with ease of use in mind.

The bi-metal thermometer can be used for local (dial) or remote (RTD) sensing for hvac applications as well as food processing, water and other industrial processes.

It is constructed of a 304 stainless steel stem, socket and a hermetically-sealed case.

The head is adjustable to different angles for better direct viewing.

Options include J or K type thermocouple outputs and a shatterproof glass lens.

Where to contact?


Stand number: 3A 131

Daikin Middle East

What's new for Big 5?
Daikin Middle East will be present for the first time at The Big 5 Show and exhibiting a wide range of advanced residential and commercial air conditioning equipment.

The highlight of its stand will be its comprehensive R-410A variable refrigerant volume (VRV) section, which will include the High Ambient VRV, developed specially for Middle East installation and the recently introduced water-cooled VRV.

The Daikin VRV is a rapid response system in which multiple indoor fan coil units can be zoned on a single refrigerant circuit.

An inverter driven compressor modulates system output to match the precise cooling/heating requirements of the conditioned space.

The water-cooled VRV is designed for use in new commercial projects where no roof or external space is available for outdoor condensing units or where stringent noise restrictions apply.

It can however, also be fitted to an existing chilled water/cooling tower circuit during refurbishment operations.

Also on view will be examples from the Daikin Sky Air and Split air conditioning ranges.

Outdoor units of both systems will be displayed, along with a number of different indoor fan coil unit models, including ceiling concealed, slim ceiling concealed, ceiling mounted, ceiling suspended, wall mounted and flexi types.

Visitors can also see units from the Daikin suite of user-friendly system controllers.

I-manager is a sophisticated system for monitoring and controlling VRV systems with up to 1024 indoor fan coil units.

BACnet Gateway is an integrated control and management system providing seamless connection between VRV and building management system.

The display will be completed by examples of the firm's latest photocatalytic air purifier, packaged air conditioners and screw compressors.

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Stand number: 1H14Cheqpoint tech trading

Who are you?
CheqPoint Tech Trading (CTT) was established in 2002 and since then has supplied directly or through its principals, cooling towers, pre-insulated piping, AHU/FCU, heat exchangers, water heaters, calorifiers, solar water heaters and IAQ equipment to prestigious projects in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

What's new for Big 5?
CheqPoint has recently introduced new indoor air quality equipment and water treatment without chemicals for cooling tower applications in the Middle East.

Water treatment without chemicals for cooling tower applications works on a combination of ultra-low frequency principle and Nano M+ technology.

It has been used in many parts of the world for the last four years and it saves running costs, keeps condenser jackets clean and cooling tower bleed-off water can be reused for other purposes including plantation.

Also the cycle of concentration can be increased to a certain extent due to the lack of chemicals.

Even bleed-off water can be discharged directly to sea or main drainage as it does not carry any chemicals.

This system helps to descale the existing scale on internal surfaces of piping or vessel sand it substantially controls scale, corrosion, bacteria (including legionella bacteria), algae and slime.

It also effectively treats the water for boiler and chiller application.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment does not produce ozone and it's not an ionizer.

It works on principle of excitation and consumes 50W power supply and has a pressure drop of 15 Pa.

Further the equipment reduces fresh air requirements, hence reduces the cooling load.

Where to contact?

Stand Number: 1 H17.

Geberit Press Systems

Who are you?
Geberit Press Systems

What's new for Big 5?
Geberit press connection systems can be used for most applications: from drinking water systems, heating and cooling utilities, to industrial piping networks for aggressive fluids.

Its connection systems are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and composite material.

They come in various diameters ranging from 12 to 108mm and formats for a wide flexibility of system configurations.

Making reliable pipework connections is faster and easier thanks to Geberit press connection systems.

Measure, cut, deburr and press  this process takes much less time than is needed for traditional screwing, welding and soldering.

The fittings are designed so that any connections not pressed properly during installation are automatically detectable during the pressure test.

This function is provided by the three leakage paths in the seal ring that allow liquids to pass and visually identify an unpressed joint. That gives 100% assurance of a fault-free installation.

All the pipes and fittings undergo strict quality control throughout their production  from the raw material to the finished product.

All fittings are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are watertight and the insertion of each and every seal ring is monitored by camera.

The quality of the welding process on both fittings and pipes is also closely controlled and the press connection tools are subject to strict internal quality control.

Where to contact?

Stand number: W50 Zabeel Hall

Wilo Middle East

Who are you?
Wilo Middle East is a subsidiary of Wilo, Germany and has facilities in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It offers systems and expertise for operating pumps and pumping systems for hvac, water supply, plus wastewater disposal and treatment. The firm is represented worldwide by 71 companies in 43 countries and has major manufacturing facilities in Europe.

Whats new for Big 5?
Wilo Pumps has three major brands, Wilo, Salmson and Wilo Emu, which have applications in the several sectors including municipalities; agriculture; water treatment plants; and building services.

Wilo Emu recently introduced a newly developed model of its booster pump in pressure shroud for increasing pressure in supply and circulation systems (Model NK 86-3 + NU 60-2/61).

The new pressure shroud is a standardised unit as replacement for painted steel, zinc plated or old stainless steel version and features a corrosion free and hygienic stainless steel design, patented rubber bearing for noise and vibration reduction, plus high efficiency by optimised pump unit.

Where to contact?

Stand number: 3 B101

Cosmoplast Industrial

Who are you?
Cosmoplast Industrial is one of the largest thermoplastics pipes manufacturersin the Gulf region.

Cosmoplast has production facilities based in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Its new 42,000m2 plant in Dubai Investment Park will produce a full range of thermoplastics pipes and fittings and include helically-wound glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) and glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) products as well as pre-insulated pipe products.

Whats new for Big 5?
Cosmoplast pipeline systems can provide solutions to applications such as pressurised water distribution, water well extraction, drainage, sewerage, gas distribution, cable ducts, plumbing, irrigation, district cooling/heating systems, oil and gas systems and other industrial applications.

At Big 5 2006, the firm intends to highlight the following product lines:

- polyvinylchloride and high density polyethylene pipeline systems for application in high-pressure water distribution, drainage, sewage, water well extraction and cable ducts;

- medium and high density polyethylene pipeline systems for installation in gas distribution systems;

- low density polyethylene pipeline systems for irrigation;

- polypropylene, cross-linked polyethylene and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipeline systems for plumbing;

-pre-insulated pipes for district cooling/heating systems;

- polyvinylchloride manholes;

- reinforced thermoplastics pipeline systems for oil and gas applications.

Where to contact?


Stand number: 4D181

Thermoset Technologies

Who are you?
Thermoset Technologies (Middle East) (TTME) was established in Dubai.

It is one of the key subsidiaries of M�sharie, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments.

TTME is engaged in manufacturing hot pressed panel tanks using glass and stabilised ultraviolet (UV) light.

The tanks are manufactured with UK-approved (Water Board) and polyester sheet moulding compounds.

The manufacturing process is assisted by Thermoset Technologies UK.

What's new for Big 5?

The firm's stand will feature its state-of -the-art water storage solutions.

TTME panel tanks are designed to satisfy most water storage needs. For optimum engineered precision and high performance finish, the panels are manufactured through the hot press moulding process, which enables a tank of virtually any size and shape to be constructed to meet client demands.

The key raw material used is glass fibe reinforced polyester (GRP), which is produced using sheet moulding compound (SMC) material. All units offer the option of integral insulation.

TTME water tank panels are manufactured under strict quality control, using premium grade materials.

The panels are moulded at 150°C and under high moulding pressures to give a strong, consistent, fully cured panel with a smooth surface finish on both sides.

TTME panel tanks are manufactured from non-corrosive material and require little or no specific maintenance other than good housekeeping.

The basic tank construction comprises of hot press moulded GRP panels bolted together to form the size required.

Where to contact?



Stand number: C 14


Big 5 in brief

What? The Big 5 is the biggest trade exhibition to be held in the Gulf region for the construction industry.

Over 2,500 firms with related products and services will be displaying their services

When? 28 October to 1 November 2006

Where? Dubai International Exhibition Centre


Faisal Jassim Trading

Who are you?

Faisal Jassim Trading was established in 1988 as a partnership between a number of qualified engineers specialised in the electrical and mechanical fields related to the building services industry.

Its head office is located in Dubai, with branch offices in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

What�s new for Big 5?
The firm�s activities are spread between pumping equipment; cooling towers, AHU and ventilation; hvac ducting; boiler equipment and heat exchangers; pex piping and PRV; York air conditioning equipment; air distribution products; electrical control panels and switchgear.

At the 2006 Big 5, it is introducing air conditioning grilles and diffusers from Flowtech; a new VSX range of chilled water pumps from ITT Bell & Gossett; and a complete range of DX, decorative, ducted split and package air conditioning units from York.

The firm is also gearing up its local manufacturing and expanding its production capacity to cater for the expanding UAE market and neighbouring GCC countries.

Where to contact?


Dana water heaters & Coolers

Who are you?
Dana Water Heaters & Coolers Factory is a manufacturer of electric storage water heaters, glass lined water heaters, GI tank water heaters, stainless steel water coolers and air conditioning coils.

It is based in Dubai and established under Dana Group of Companies.

What�s new for Big 5?
The firm has a wide range of models with varied technical specifications to meet clients needs and budget.

The water heaters have been supplied to many key construction projects and are increasingly being approved by leading consultants in the market.

They are designed as per the latest safety standards and are approved by the conformity programs of GCC countries.

Dana�s factory attained the ISO 9001: 2000 certification for quality management systems in March 2006. It has newly installed a fully automatic IGBT technology based cut-to-length and slitting facilities,which makes it a complete coil service center for GI/MS/SS coils up to 15MT and 3mm thickness.

At Big 5 the firm will be launching the Dana Glasshot glass-lined electric water heater, which is targeted for supply to the construction sector.

Its porcelain enamelled/glass-lined body, together with the presence of a magnesium anode, ensures maximum protection against corrosion.

Its water inlet and outlet pipes are made of stainless steel.

The external body is coated with epoxy polyster powder, which offers maximum protection against corrosion in different climatic conditions.

The thick, CFC-free PU foam insulation helps to retain hot water for longer periods.

Additionally each water heater is provided with a double security thermostat, safety valve and magnesium anode to prevent tank explosion/corrosion.

A comprehensive five year warranty against leakage is provided by the company for its water heaters .

Where to contact?


Stand number: Zabeel X 55

UTS Carrier

Who are you?
UTS Carrier is a joint venture between UTS and Carrier, which is a unit of United Technologies.

Carrier, headquartered in Connecticut, USA, is one of the world�s largest providers of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with operations in 172 countries.

It is a subsidiary of United Technologies, a diversified company that provides a broad range of high technology products and services to the aerospace and building industries worldwide.

What�s new for Big 5?
UTS Carrier will showcase a clutch of new generation products at this year�s Big 5 event, including Aquaforce chillers with HFC -134, UVC emitters, G3 window air conditioners, Carlye Compressors and the 39F Air Handling Unit.

The firm�s new Aquaforce chillers use HFC 134, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant, and superior micro-channel coil technology that ensure higher reliability through improved corrosion resistance.

UVC emitters, which emit enough germicidal energy to penetrate submicron microbes, destroying its DNA and RNA, or killing or deactivating it, can help preventing spread of infections.

UVC lights eliminate both surface organisms and airborne microbes.

Carrier will also showcase G3, the third generation window air conditioners that are equipped with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 8.2, which can result in savings in energy up to a 10%.

The new air conditioner comes with low noise, four-in-one filter technology, four-way air distribution and water drip-free system.

The 2006 Big 5 exhibition will also serve as a platform for introducing Carlyle Compressors and the firm�s 39F Air Handling Unit.

Seminars being presented by the firm at the event will target engineers and experts from sectors such as property management, maintenance, hospital administrations, infectious disease control and food processing industry.

Where to contact?



Pearl insulation materials

Who are you?
Pearl Insulation Materials Industries supplies Polyurethane Technology and chemicals for the following industries:

- insulation – systems for sandwich panels; pipe insulation to EN 253; B2 systems for hvac pre-insulated panels; high index foams for high temperature applications; tailormade foams for flame spread/smoke density requirements;

- coating – polyureas and PU coatings for secondary containment applications and corrosion protection.

In partnership with Bayer MaterialScience, the firm supplies solutions for a wide spectrum of Polyurethane applications.

Pearl supplies machinery from SAIP, GRACO for injection and spray applications.

It also distributes Handi Foam kits for portable insulation needs.

What�s new for Big 5?

Pearl will introduce the new A20 spray unit from GRACO.

This pneumatically operated portable unit is suited to spraying foams and coatings for residential and commercial projects.

In partnership with SAIP, the firm will make a presentation that highlights the benefits on converting factories to the environmentally friendly Pentane blowing agent.

Where to contact?


Stand number: 4 E173


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