Kurdish troops use ‘Mad Max’ tanks to fight Daesh

In the absence of any alternative, Kurdish forces have taken to fashioning homemade tanks to fight Daesh in Iraq and Syria

A 'Mad Max'-style homeade Kurdish vehicle.
A 'Mad Max'-style homeade Kurdish vehicle.

The Kurdish troops fighting in Syria have taken to using homemade tanks as part of their efforts to repel Daesh and other foreign militants groups from towns like Kobani (Ayn al-Arab) and Tal Abyad.

Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish forces have recently been supported by US airstrikes, but are otherwise largely self-funded and supplies – relying instead upon the mother of invention, as revealed by The Times.

The 35-strong Heza Murdin 'Death Squad' in Iraq have been clearing the way for the rest of the Peshmerga by creating creating Mad Max style road-warriors to help them do so.

The tanks are converted from farm machines and trucks, in a process that The Times reports as taking up to six months and costing up to £20,000, despite their makeshift nature.

Anti-tank guns, machine guns and homemade armour are added to the exterior, while on the inside, blast impact is cushioned by mattresses fixed to the walls.

Similar methods have been employed by the YPG in Syria to make the most of their equally scant resources.

Last year it came to light that the Free Syrian Army also employs enterprising methods when it comes to warfare, fashioning a DIY tank from an old pick-up truck and installing a 0.50 calibre machine gun, controlled from the inside by a rewired PlayStation 2 controller.

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