Year of many firsts: reflecting on 2015

It has been a long year filled with both achievements and setbacks, novel advancements and fresh challenges, but more importantly, it has been full of invaluable lessons learned.

COMMENT, Facilities Management

Signing off on my final issue for 2015 has been a pretty surreal experience. It’s a little hard to imagine that a full year has passed since I took up the role as deputy editor of facilities management Middle East. I’ve learned a lot in that time, including exactly what FM is really about and what makes our sector so invaluable to society.

While I don’t always get the chance each month, to touch base with all the friends and contacts that I’ve managed to build up over the last year, I do want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the FM community. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone for their patience and support, as well helping enlighten me on the finer intricacies of facilities management.

I’d would also like to thank my contributors, who have helped support the title throughout the year by providing valuable and engaging content.

This month we had our annual power list, which takes a closer look at the most influential members of our industry. Of course the first question that many will ask is why the ranking dropped from 50 in previous iterations, to the 40 it is now.

Compiling a power list is never an easy affair, especially as, often enough,editors are faced in generating conclusions from incomplete and unverifiable data from respondents.

Coupled with ranking individuals on the basis of ‘power’ and ‘influence’, criteria which are wholly subjective and difficult to define, it becomes an incredibly daunting affair.

But as everyone knows, this has always been the case with the power list. At the end of the day, the list is based on the call of the editor, who makes the final decision on what was received, as well as their own experiences in interacting with candidates.

As an added responsibility though, the editor also has to ensure that the ranking retains its value and more importantly, its competitiveness. We wanted to ensure that those who made the cut, deserved to be in the ranking, and were not simply present because they took five minutes out of their day to answer some questions.

And for those dismayed that they weren’t able to make the cut, I kindly invite them to use the upcoming new year as springboard of sorts, tackling fresh opportunities head on and to continue pushing the boundary on what defines facilities management. I, for one, look forward to my part in sharing that journey.

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