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Benefits of using hot pressure washers

Kärcher, an international manufacturer of cleaning equipment, has provided a breakdown of the benefits of hot water pressure washers

Hot pressure washer.
Hot pressure washer.

Hot pressure washers can provide a sensible approach to cleaning and hygiene.

Kärcher, an international manufacturer of cleaning equipment, has provided a breakdown of the benefits of hot water pressure washers:

Heat accelerates the cleaning process

Heat energy plays a key role in speeding up and improving the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Besides the mechanics, detergents and time, temperature is one of the four interdependent parameters that determine the success of the cleaning process according to the Sinner cycle (a model invented by Dr. Sinner to describe cleaning processes).

Everyone knows from experience that warm or hot water is important during the cleaning process.

In relation to professional cleaning jobs, the introduction of heat ensures that dirt and lubricants will break down quickly: Every 10°C increase in temperature accelerates the chemical processes and halves the reaction times.

Oil, grease and soot are dislodged by the heat and can be removed more easily.

Oils and grease also emulsify at a quicker rate when warm water is applied. Various practical examples - from a car garage or workshop to a large industrial company - show that the use of hot water can reduce the total cleaning time by up to 40%.

This leads to lower labour costs.

Another key factor in the use of heated high-pressure cleaners is the reduced drying time.

Surfaces that are cleaned with hot water remain slightly heated and therefore dry more quickly.

Lower use of detergents and fewer germs

While conventional cold water units can generally achieve the desired results only when combined with a suitable cleaning agent, the hot water machines get the job done more quickly.

Usually stubborn dirt, like encrusted grease, resin or oil residue, starts to break down when hot water is applied, which means you do not have to use anywhere near as much detergent.

In many cases, you do not need any cleaning agent at all.

This is not only good for the environment, it is also kind to the operator's bank balance.

Gentle to sensitive surfaces

Heated pressure washers are well-suited for the most demanding of cleaning tasks, where water, cleaning agents and scrubbing by hand will not do the job.

This becomes clear when using the steam stage: By applying mineral-free steam at temperatures up to 155 oC, even the most stubborn dirt can be removed gently without any need for cleaning agents.

This procedure is particularly appropriate for cleaning sensitive surfaces, where the full cleaning effect is achieved with much lower working pressure and less volume of water.

Furthermore, this special mode is an environmentally friendly method for removing bitumen coatings, paints, soot deposits, lichens and algae . Lower water consumption means less waste water.

One more advantage is obvious: The use of hot steam makes it possible to eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria and germs.

Extremely efficient

The most important advantage of hot water pressure washers is their high level of economic efficiency. This real benefit comes when the machine is used regularly for commercial purposes. The longer and more often you use the machine, the clearer the cost advantage becomes.

A hot water pressure washer may cost at least twice as much as a cold water machine with comparable pressure and capacity. However, thanks to the lower labour and operating costs, the acquisition cost is quickly amortized.

The reason for the high purchase price is the cost for expensive technology, mainly in the form of the burner. Also, the heating system's increased energy consumption must be taken into account when considering the maintenance costs.

However, these two cost factors are quickly balanced by the high savings potential provided by the hot water machines. The savings start with the operating and maintenance costs, when the high cost of generating the heat is quickly offset by the savings gained from much lower consumption of water and cleaning agents.

In a profitability analysis, it is important to note that cleaning times are reduced by 40% using of hot water.

This figure impacts the cost of labour, which over the entire service life of a commercial high-pressure cleaner would be several times higher than the purchase and operating costs.

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