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Grove crane sets sail for North Sea oil platform

Grove GMK5220s all-terrain crane is dismantled ashore and reassembled at sea in order to dismantle a derrick tower

The crane was disassembled ashore and reassembled on the platform.
The crane was disassembled ashore and reassembled on the platform.
NEWS, PMV, Crane, Grove, North Sea, Oil
NEWS, PMV, Crane, Grove, North Sea, Oil

The Nordic Crane Group has put a Grove GMK5220 all-terrain crane to work on an oil platform in the North Sea.

The Norway-based company's crane was tasked with dismantling a derrick tower.

In order to get to the site, the crane was disassembled ashore and reassembled on the platform before ultimately spending five months on the job.

“Grove cranes are durable, reliable machines and operators find the fast set-up times an added bonus,” says Ove Grina, sales manager at Normann Olsen. “The strength and mobility of the Grove cranes make them an excellent choice for any company’s fleet.”

The GMK5220 was one of six Grove GMK cranes, including a GMK5130-2, a GMK6300L and four GMK5220s, purchased by the Nordic Crane Group from Manitowoc dealer Normann Olsen in 2015.

The Grove GMK5130-2 all-terrain crane has a capacity of 130t and a 60m twin-lock boom while the 220t capacity GMK5220 features a 68m boom which can be extended to 105m with a jib.

The 300t capacity GMK6300L offers the longest boom in its class at 80m and can be extended further with a 37m jib. For ease of set-up and tear-down, the crane can install and remove its outrigger box.

“Grove cranes are easy to operate and are user-friendly, making them ideal for a variety of jobs,” says Thorsten Bolender, area sales manager at Manitowoc Cranes.

“The GMK5130-2 and GMK5220 have a higher lifting capacity compared to other machines in this class and they provide greater mobility thanks to their all-wheel steering.

“The GMK6300L offers some of the strongest lifting abilities of any six-axle all-terrain crane, making it perfectly suited to the wide variety of work the machine will carry out.”

Established in 2008, the Nordic Crane Group offers crane services across Scandinavia and has some 300 cranes in its fleet.

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