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ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management

Intelligent Recharging Systems for Electric Vehicles

Supplied by GreenParking, the Intelligent Recharging Systems for Electric Vehicles is a smart recharging station for zero-emission electric cars. Part of the Smart City & Sustainable Development Initiative of Dubai, the first installations of EV chargers were launched by DEWA across Dubai in 2015. The idea is to promote the use of sustainable vehicles and create the respective infrastructure for users in the UAE. GreenParking offers a variety of different solutions with regard to EV recharging systems, adapted to each kind of car park, whether in one-family homes, communal residence car parks, public and shopping centre car parks and hotels.

ALR 67 Thermo

Based on a 67mm deep profile, ALR 67 Thermo features thermal breaks between sections that help enhance the doors thermal resistance. Primarily designed for industrial use, Hormann’s latest offering can also be deployed in commercial buildings and warehouses. The model comes in both a full frame and wicket door variant with a trip-free threshold. In terms of its thermal insulation, it is rated with a U-value of up to 1.5 W/(m2.k) for a door size of 5 x 5 metres. Additionally, APU 67’s glazed aluminium doors can be equipped with steel bottom sections or with PU-foamed bottom sections, ideal in high traffic areas.

WD Purple

WD Purple hard drives. Made specifically for video surveillance in mind, the high capacity hard drives are designed for high-definition surveillance systems that utilise up to eight hard drives and up to 32 cameras. Western Digital’s drives are equipped with IntelliSeek technology that aid in keeping the unit’s power consumption to a minimum. IntelliSeek helps to calculate optimum seek speeds, lowering energy usage, noise and vibration. In addition to reducing wear and tire over time, this also enables the drives to remain operational on a 24/7 basis. WD Purple’s fireware upgrades are also equipped with AllFrame technology, which is computable with ATA streaming. This reduces the types of error pixilation and video interruption that is experienced when traditional hard disks are used with a security platform.

MultiRAE Benzene wireless portable six-gas monitor

Designed to enhance safety protection for workers operating within confined spaces and hazardous environments, MultiRAE Benzene is a wireless portable gas monitor that utilises a six-tube cartridge called RAE SepTubeTM Cartridge. Utilised in tandem with the unit’s photoionization sensor, the unit measures benzene in the 0.1 to 200ppm range, while the SepTubeTM Catridge filters out volatile organic compounds and gases. This in terms helps to reduce cross-interference, a long-standing problem with traditional benzene-specific detectors. Additional features includes wireless connectivity, automatic bump testing, and up to six months of historical data storage.

TG130 Spot Thermal Camera

Designed for inspections and repairs of temperature-related issues in buildings, the TG130 camera is ideal for both homeowners and small businesses. The unit comes equipped with FLIR’s own Lepton thermal camera core, enabling uses to identify heat loss around doors, floors, pipes and windows. The thermal camera can spot where insulation is lacking, pinpointing the point where drafts of cold air may enter the premises. TG130 can also identify the source of water leaks within the MEP infrastructure and can even spot rodent infestations behind walls.


SWEPs Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHEs) are certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). Testing performed by their contracted laboratories verify that product performance is according to specified ratings. Designed to make the most efficient use of energy, material, and space, they provide unparalleled performance at the lowest life-cycle cost, says SWEP. The products undergo testing by independent laboratories under contract to AHRI, and are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that published performance ratings are accurate.

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