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FM EXPO 2016

fmME touches base with exhibitors of the upcoming show, to gain insights on their goals and expectations for FM EXpo 2016

Jaafar Shubber, senior project manager, FM Expo.
Jaafar Shubber, senior project manager, FM Expo.
Adrian Jarvis, general manager, FSI Middle East.
Adrian Jarvis, general manager, FSI Middle East.
Ben Gray, commercial regional manager for MEA, Dyson.
Ben Gray, commercial regional manager for MEA, Dyson.
Fawaz Al Amri, general manager, Census International.
Fawaz Al Amri, general manager, Census International.
Paul Deocampo, branch manager, Kendah Pest Control.
Paul Deocampo, branch manager, Kendah Pest Control.
Arabian Europe Establishment
Arabian Europe Establishment

Celebrating its 10th edition this year, the FM EXPO continues to be a key driving force behind the sustained development of the GCC’s facilities management market. Bringing together industry players, both global and regional, the exhibition continues to serve as an ideal platform for many firms to showcase their latest services and technical advancements.

A hot topic at this year’s iteration of the show will lie with technology, particularly with implementation and benefits of automation and smart systems.

“The exhibition will throw the spotlight on innovative technologies that will complement the Middle East’s drive towards smart and sustainable development,” explains Jaafar Shubber, senior project manager, FM Expo.

“In addition, the World FM Congress, integral to FM EXPO, will focus on the theme of Innovation, Efficiency and Effective Business Strategies for Delivering World-Class FM Service Standards.”

Part of the newly minted Community Management Week, the FM Expo will be one of the four collocated events under its banner; the other three exhibitions being Outdoor Design & Build, Commercial Cleaning & Hygiene, and Middle East Waste & Recycling as well as Elevators & Access Control.

The show will see a 25% increase in exhibition space, as well as participation from over 150 firms from across 19 countries. Catering to over 10,000 participants that are expected to attend, the FM Expo will feature a number of activities over its three-day run. These include over 20 free-to-attend certified workshops, five international conferences, as well as six FM masterclasses.

Additionally, the FM Expo will once again host returning features, such as the World FM Congress, Innovation Zone, Middle East High Rise Summit, MERIA Conference, and FM Masterclass.

The World FM Congress will tackle a number of pressing topics in the industry, which include changing regulations, future workforce planning, FM in healthcare and aviation, as well as future workforce planning.

Commenting on what he perceived as being the current trends of the industry, Shubber highlighted the potential impact of Internet-of-Things (IoT) on facility design, particularly with the introduction of automated processes with machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies.

Another important trend lies with the increasing need for mobile workforces, which entails empowering FM professionals to work remotely. But even more critical than that is the rising importance of education and training FM professionals to tackle an increasingly digital landscape.

“Today’s FM work requires facility managers to have exceptional proficiency in communication and business, and finance literacy along with skills such as strategic thinking, tech-savviness, a deeper understanding of human behaviour, and customer client management,” concludes Shubber.

FSI Middle East

A familiar face at each year’s show, Adrian Jarvis, CEO of FSI Middle East, is no stranger to the FM Expo.

“We are one of the few organisations that has participated in every iteration of the FM expo in the Middle East. We continue to support the event because it helps us showcase our business,” beams the industry veteran with almost two decades of experience.

“It [FM Expo] helps people understand what we are doing, and for us, it is as much as promoting ourselves, as it is meeting and discussing with existing clients, about what we are up to in terms of moving the technology forward.”

Since the 2015 edition of the annual expo, the Middle East division of FSI Global has continued in its efforts towards driving the application of technology within the built environment.

Using examples of various applications and case studies from the European market, the company has recently been focused in promoting the utilisation of building information modeling (BIM) in the operation of buildings.

FSI ME has pushed forward with its emphasis on mobility, while exploring the impact of Internet-of-Things (IoT), sensors, and the subsequent application of data these technologies generate.

Furthermore, the continuity of data is another topic that the firm hopes to engage with clients at the upcoming industry expo.

“What we see is that data is not handed from one service provider to another, when a contract period changes,” explains Jarvis.

“So at the end of two to three years, the client is left with a situation where a new provider has to start again in terms of gathering data about the building. It’s just inefficient for everybody.”

At FM Expo 2015, the company will highlight the latest advancements with two of its mainstay technologies; Concept Evolution, the firm’s computer aided facilities management (CAFM) offering, and FSI GO, a workforce mobility platform.

The FM software provider’s stand will feature the FSI IoT Tower, a model of a multi-storey building that will be embedded with numerous sensors throughout. Integrated with both Concept Evolution and FSI GO, the company will conduct a number of live demonstrations to show how these technologies can interact and produce operational benefits for the building.

“For example, as something happens in the building, we will be generating work orders automatically, that will flying through to a technician on a mobile device, who will then react to the sensor reading,” explains Jarvis.

“People talk about sensors and they say, you could do this or that, but actually there is very little knowledge of how to apply the data from the sensors in a real-world scenario.”

Looking beyond the FM Expo, the general manager believes that building occupiers will begin to use their smart devices to engage more with FM and building managers.

Online portals, apps and even social media, will likely become important mediums for both FM providers and end-users to communicate with each other.


fmME: What do you plan to achieve by exhibiting at FM Expo 2016?

Ben Gray: Facility managers are under increasing pressure to provide excellent quality, great service and cost savings. Dysons wants to educate FM’s on the environmental impact of using paper towels, and the importance of hygiene. Awareness of Dyson in the Middle East is low, however, it has a huge potential. We want to get people hands-on and excited about our technology.

fmME: What is your strategy to accomplish this? You may mention what you plan to do at your exhibit, which exhibition tools/features you hope to benefit from, etc.

BG: It starts with the technology. Showing people, getting them to use it and explaining how the Airblade hand dryer creates a cleaner washroom environment and costs less to run. Engineered for different washroom environments, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers are the fastest, most hygienic way to dry hands. Powered by the Dyson’s digital motor, one of the world’s smallest, most efficient, and power dense motors, Airblade technology uses sheets of clean air travelling at 430 mph to literally scrape water from hands. Suitable for all types of washroom offices, services stations, cinemas, shopping centres, sport facilities, kitchens or hospitals, it dries hands hygienically and efficiently in just 10 seconds.

fmME: Tell us what attracts you to the market in the GCC and your feelings about the opportunities here.

BG: The GCC represents one of Dyson’s most exciting regions. We’ve already had the pleasure of supplying several locations in the UAE, such as the Mall of Emirates, American Hospital, and Concourse D of the Dubai International Airport. In Saudi Arabia, we have supplied King Abdulaziz International Airport, Medina Airport, and Princess Noura University. And with the number of projects planned in the UAE alone over the coming years, Dyson has the opportunity to be part of some ground breaking developments that will change the way people dry hands for good.

fmME: Are there any unique challenges you face whilst working in the Middle East?

BG: The Middle East is dominated by paper towels. A lot of businesses believe that paper towels offer a more comfortable, luxurious service for their customers. However, the truth is very different. The paper towel industry has consistently failed to invent new technology or respond to environmental concerns. And with Airblade technology, Dyson has introduced a solution that works better.

Census International

fmME: What is Census International and what does it do?

Fawaz Al Amri: Census International, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a facilities management provider delivering quality FM services within some of the region’s signature developments and communities. Census’ quest is for continuous self-improvement in the area of client satisfaction, cost control, expanded use of technology and strategic planning.

Our goal is to provide our client with a single point of contact for their facilities and property management needs. While the objectives may be varied, by employing services and partnering with a proactive company such Census International, the client receives a service that can be tailored, on an ongoing basis, to your specific needs.

Census International aims to provide the best customer service to our clients while offering the vigilance and efficiencies necessary to contain costs. Census International embraces change, growth and self-improvement to better serve its clients.

The property and infrastructure related services that Census International offer include energy management, mechanical, electrical and air conditioning maintenance, space planning, utilities and asset management, and building fabric maintenance. Census also offers a diverse range of services including cleaning, laundry, housekeeping, car valet, porter age, security, daily home mail delivery service, and waste and hygiene management.

fmME: How has your firm progressed since the last iteration of the expo?

FA: Our previous experience in the FM Expo undoubtedly helped us further introducing our services to potential clients. It also gave us an opportunity to meet and learn more about latest products and suppliers present in the local market.

fmME: What would you highlight as the current trends and challenges driving the FM market?

FA: We believe FM Industry is quite developed right now but, there is still room to provide improved technology and services to the end user. There also is a huge depth of specialised talent which makes things more challenging but with the use of green and new technology a lot can be improved in this field especially in the UAE. Census is well equipped with trained and professional technical teams, where the resources we have is efficiently utilised, which makes us stand apart.

fmME: Which elements of the GCC market are you hoping to target?

FA: We are currently targeting the Commercial, Hospitality and Educational sector which has great opportunities in the FM market.

Kendah Pest Control

fmME: Could you share some details on your company and what it does?

Paul Deocampo: Kendah Pest Control means that pest control is all we do. Being in the UAE for the past 13 years, we are recognised as one of the leaders in providing high quality and reliable pest management service solutions for UAE homes and businesses.

Established in 2003 under SME Development, Kendah today serves all Emirates with offices located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah that consists of almost 100 people in the operations and support.

Kendah is highly committed to providing quality pest management service with its main focus to deliver in the most environmentally friendly manner.

All our service protocols are designed to have a little impact as possible on the natural environment as well as our customer’s personal environment. Kendah Specialists are trained to consider all technologies available when choosing the best method of treatment.

Our goal is to provide an international & professional approach of pest management services that evolves in innovation & teamwork. Our team makes sure that we always add value to the lives we touch.

fmME: What will you be showcasing at the FM Expo this year?

PD: One of the biggest developments of Kendah this year is to have its own operations software, Kendah Smart Solutions, which will cater market requirements in terms of delivering comprehensive documentation using technology. Our management and technical team were working together to create a pest control software that will match the realistic requirements of our UAE clients. The program is web–based, and allows a real-time connection between our pest control specialists’ handheld devices and our back office. It will also give our client an access to the account to raise service requests and view treatment history.

Everything that Kendah does, every technique, every solution is based in science and innovation. This is everything from our on line reporting system using the Kendah VIP Page and our Bar Code System.

Our valued clients can now enjoy the convenience of monitoring our pest management program without physically being at the facility. You get precise and reliable information when you need it. In addition to this, we will be showcasing our new line of business, aptly called Basic System, from Kendah Technical Services. The brand and concept originated from France which specialised on renovation of floors and suspended ceilings.

fmME: What target market are you hoping to strike up a dialogue with at the expo?

PD: We are targeting all elements and sectors of the GCC market. At the moment, we are finalising a business partnership with a FM company based outside the UAE to be used as their pest control brand. We have our wide experience and capability to handle all sectors of the market, and our ultimate goal is to show them our difference.

Arabian Europe Establishment

fmME: What is Arabian Europe and what does it do?

Arabian Europe Establishment was established in Dubai back in January 2000. The company was created to serve the growing demand within the commercial and industrial maintenance equipment market.

fmME: What details are you able to share on what your firm will be showcasing at the FM Expo?

Arabian Europe will showcase its support service products range, which includes high-pressure pumps, hydro testing pumps, HVAC & building maintenance equipment, and water jetting & sewer cleaning units. We will also be showcasing our range of descaling pumps, chemical pumps, tubes & pipes cleaning tools, specialised hose reels & nozzles, welding torches and machines, as well as consumables.

fmME: Which elements of the GCC market are you hoping to target?

We are aiming to secure business across a number of sectors including oil & gas, retail and healthcare. Additionally, the firm hopes to secure new projects with specialist firms involved in A/C plant O&M, FM, ship repair, cleaning and maintenance contracting, chemical cleaning, and HVAC manufacturers.

fmME: How has your company evolved its operation/services since the last iteration of the FM Expo?

Our company have has seen significant growth in our sales. Our team also had ample opportunity throughout 2015, to meet a lot of prospective sectors through facility management companies and other industries as well.

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