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Revealed: Bayt's top five steps to career success

Bayt.com provides some key pointers to help you along the road to career success in the construction field

Suhail Masri, VP of employer solutions, Bayt.com.
Suhail Masri, VP of employer solutions, Bayt.com.

The road to career success is never accidental, even though luck and circumstance can lend a helping hand along the way.

Successful professionals are those who are able to sustain their success with a vision; they plan astutely, take stock regularly, and work very hard and very smart to realize their success.

Here, the career experts at Bayt.com, the Middle East’s leading job site, give you some key pointers to help you along the road to career success in the construction field:

1. Set goals

Take a holistic approach to deciding what your priorities and goals are in life before you hone in on your specific career goals.

Specifically, what sort of balance and end result are you seeking to achieve in the most important areas of your life: finances, career, health, relationships, self-development, etc.

You will undermine your career success if your goals in other areas of your life contradict or conflict with your career goals.

You will also sabotage your chances of success if you set too many goals; focus instead on a few clear, achievable ones that you are enthusiastic about pursuing.

2. Build a professional network

Your success in the construction field will depend on your ability to build alliances and garner the support of peers, superiors, subordinates, clients, suppliers and other people you interact with on a daily basis to get the job done.

Work on building a reputation and network, both within your organization and outside, so you are immediately considered for lucrative new opportunities, recognized as the go-to person for top jobs and inspire trust and credibility in broader industry circles.

You can log on toBayt.com Specialties to network with other professionals in your field, collaborate and contribute useful content that will truly set you apart.

3. Sharpen your skills

With every new project or activity you complete - new hire, new client, new problem solved - chances are you have learned something new and sharpened a particular skill set.

Ongoing learning is critical to your personal development and career success. Identify a training path that fills key skills gaps, augments your strengths and keeps you at the front-line of your specialization so that you don’t become redundant and lose your competitive edge.

Today, many professionals are making use of courses and tests to learn new skills and hone in on existing ones. See the Bayt.com Learning platform for online courses and tests that will help you develop the skills you need to excel.

4. Market your accomplishments

You need to take a proactive approach towards promoting yourself if you are to reap the full fruits of your success.

Make sure your individual accomplishments are recognized by all the key decision-makers in your field, and particularly those who influence your career progress.

It is quite common for credit to be misallocated and for accomplishments to be undervalued or overlooked altogether, so don’t be shy about singing your own praises, providing you stick to the facts.

Log on to Bayt.com now and create your own public profile for free, which you can then share with clients, employers and peers.

A public profile serves as your online business card and showcases all your achievements and skills and community endorsements for other to see.

5. Commit to even more success

Once you set your goals, be committed to achieving them.

Have a vision in front of you at all times and clear milestones along the way.

Focus on accomplishments rather than mere performance.

Your dedication and motivation should never waver if you are convinced of the goals you have set yourself.

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