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What is the completion rate of Dubai Water Canal?

CWO reveals the completion rate of Dubai Water Canal's three phases, and how these operations will change Dubai's roads

Dubai Water Canal is due for completion in 2016.
Dubai Water Canal is due for completion in 2016.

Construction works on the Dubai Water Canal are progressing as scheduled, the emirate's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said.

RTA recently opened the northern bridge of the SZR in the direction of Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Completion rate of the Abu Dhabi-bound southern bridge has reached 81%, and the bridge is expected to be opened in July this year.

Phase 1 of the project comprises the construction of an eight-lane bridge in each direction of SZR, crossing over the Canal.

It also includes modifying the lanes of affected roads to ensure integrated traffic movement between the two shores of the Canal.

An 800m-long section of SZR will be affected by this project phase, which also includes diverting the existing utility lines affected by the Canal course and fitting smart light controlled through a smart app, in addition to installing fountains on the bridge.

Works under Phase 2 of the project include constructing bridges on Al Wasl and Jumeirah Roads, and are 86% complete.

Bridges being constructed on Al Wasl and Jumeirah Roads will cross over the Canal offering vertical clearance, and will allow the passage of boats up to 8m high.

Phase 2 also includes the construction of a free multi-tier interchange to link the traffic movement between Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa, and Al Aathar roads to ensure smooth traffic flow to replace existing light signals.

The contract includes the construction of bridges linking with the proposed peninsula to the south of the Jumeirah Park, diverting utility lines through conduits passing underneath the Canal, in addition to laying spare utility ducts under the Canal to cater to projected future needs.

Completion rate in Phase 3 of the Dubai Water Canal Project has exceeded 75%, and works are well underway to complete the construction of quay walls, protect the utility lines, divert sewage lines on both sides of the Canal, build a sewage pumping plant, and construct a coastal breakwater.

Works under Phase 3 also include drilling the Canal, building quay walls, and constructing three pedestrian bridges to link the two sides of the Canal at key locations.

The phase also includes constructing 10 marine transit stations to enhance the role of marine transit modes.

Landfilling works will also be carried out as a part of phase 3, according to Dubai Media Office.

These operations include the construction of a peninsula along the Jumeirah Park, which will double the beach line of the park, increase its area, and make a room for more leisure activities.


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