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Raimondi Cranes delivers first LR213 luffing units

Saudi-owned Raimondi Cranes has fulfilled five pre-launch orders for the recently unveiled LR213, a 14-tonne capacity luffing crane with a 55m jib

Raimondi’s LR213 luffing crane boasts a 55m jib length and a maximum lifting capacity of 14 tonnes.
Raimondi’s LR213 luffing crane boasts a 55m jib length and a maximum lifting capacity of 14 tonnes.

Raimondi Cranes has fulfilled pre-launch orders for five of its LR213 models.

The latest addition to Raimondi’s line-up, the luffing crane boasts a maximum capacity of 14 tonnes and a 55m jib.

Spanish contractor, Harina, has employed three LR213 models to support work at the construction site of the 250m-tall JW Marriott Hotel West Bay in Qatar.

According to the Italian crane manufacturer, which is owned by Saudi Arabia’s KBW Investments, the LR213 is well suited to construction scenarios that involve high-rise buildings in close proximity, or areas in which flyover rights are difficult to obtain.

Commenting on the model’s official launch, Eng Domenico Ciano, technical director at Raimondi, said: “The LR213’s noteworthy aspects include impressive hoisting performance, flexibility, and easy maintenance.

“Raimondi’s new luffing crane can lift the maximum load without reduction of capacity with the full jib of 55m. This not only increases load capacity, but also increases speed and additional rope capacity.

“There is flexibility in choice with the LR213 as two different new hoisting winches – at 55kW and 75kW – are available. [They are] specifically designed for luffing cranes; to have increased speed paired with more control and more rope capacity at both power levels,” he explained.

The LR213 has two lateral service platforms, which offer an increased counter-jib surface. The crane is equipped to carry 1,000m of rope on its drum; a feature that facilitates the 14-tonne lifting capacity in four falls at a working height of 250m.

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