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Fire breaks out at Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina

The fire broke out at around 3pm in Sulafa Tower located in Dubai Marina

Fire breaks out at Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina.
Fire breaks out at Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina.

A fire has broken out at the high-rise Sulafa Tower located in Dubai Marina, with residents told to evacuate the building and local roads closed.

The fire is believed to have erupted on the tower's 28th or 29th floor at around 3pm local time on Wednesday, according to local media reports.

Witnesses said it appeared to be spreading on the outside of the tower and that burning debris were falling from the side of the building.

The 75-storey residential building is located across the road from The Marina Torch, where a massive fire broke out on 21 February last year.

Watch the videos from the site below:-  [Video courtesy: Jill Robson]


Crews from several civil defence stations are in attendance.

The Sulafa Tower is a 75-story skyscraper, with a structural height of 285m, making it the 23rd tallest building in Dubai and 127th tallest in the world.

It contains a gym, swimming pool, play area for kids and parking spaces for all residents.

One of the witnesses of the fire, Dr. John Graham, aged 61, who works at the Dubai Bone & Joint Centre told Middle East Architect editor Nick Ames: ““I live on the 43rd floor and when the fire alarm went off I thought it was a false alarm but it kept going. I went to the elevator and they were out of action. So I started to go down the stairs and the floors were slippery. The lights went off and it was pretty scary but people kept moving and there was no panic.”

He continued: “When we got outside there were glass fragments from where the windows blew out. I could see that the original fire started from around the 76th floor of the west side of the building but the swirling gusting winds had blown debris all around to the north side of the building, starting it up around the 55th floor and the flames spread both up and down.”

There are currently no reported casualties.


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