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Motivating your workforce

In today’s difficult market conditions, it is absolutely essential for employers to retain their best employees by keeping them motivated to produce top-quality work

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Human resources are all too often a low priority for many big or medium-sized enterprises. We frequently hear of employees that are constantly complaining about the HR policies and guidelines in their respective offices. Employers generally tend to underestimate the importance of looking out for the needs of their staff.

As kids, we could easily be tempted by the promise of rewards, certificates and trophies, motivating us to do well in our studies or even tackle household chores. The same concept can be applied to companies – employees work harder if they know they are appreciated. Workplace appraisals can act as benchmarks for acknowledging – and rewarding – performance. Goals should be set, achievements should be discussed, and employees should be reassured of the fact that there are perks for those that give their all.

Keeping employees engaged with proper development and training can also prove useful. Occassional social events, get-togethers, and organising team-building activities can keep staff feeling energised and inspired to produce quality work.

When companies start to view their employees as the intellectual capital that is necessary to sustain them in a competitive market, then it becomes easier to understand the significance of good people management.

With every passing day, the business world changes, so business owners cannot afford not to have HR policies and procedures clearly documented and in force. To hold on to its top employees, a company needs to motivate them with rewards and opportunities for self-actualisation. Otherwise, over time, the firm will lose its people to higher paying jobs with better benefits. Human resources should not be viewed as purely administrative; it should mean more than that.

In this issue of Construction Week, we talk to recruitment experts in the industry to understand the importance of creating the right culture in order to attract and retain the top talent – a practice that deserves to be paid more attention.

One of the experts mentions that neglecting to show staff appreciation is a common problem among employers in the Middle East, and this can rapidly lead to employee dissatisfaction.

Another important aspect of human resources is to monitor and develop a healthy working atmosphere, the experts say. The performance of an individual employee is driven by the culture of the workplace. Obviously, a friendly and encouraging working environment, in which every individual feels valued, always produces better results than negative surroundings.

In today’s challenging market, maintaining a happy and productive workforce must be a top priority for any company. Businesses need to earn themselves a reputation for being a great place to work.

With the current shortage of skilled labour, there is serious pressure on companies to consistently deliver outstanding results, and this will never be possible without the co-operation of a happy and fulfilled team of professionals who are all prepared to go the extra mile to get the job done.

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