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Bayt: How to stay competitive in today’s workplace

The careers experts from Bayt.com offer their top tips on how GCC construction professionals can remain competitive in today’s workplace

The careers experts from Bayt.com offer four top tips on how to remain competitive in today’s workplace.
The careers experts from Bayt.com offer four top tips on how to remain competitive in today’s workplace.

In a climate of cost-cutting, outsourcing, and radical shifts in the way that companies manage, interact with, and source talent, excellence is key to standing out and achieving career success.

When it comes to achieving long-term career progression, growth, accomplishment, and keeping your competitive edge, it’s important to remain attuned to demands, trends, and developments in the marketplace, and to fine-tune your skills accordingly.

In the following feature, Bayt.com outlines the best ways for GCC construction professionals to retain a competitive edge in today’s workplace…

Be a lifelong learner
Seek to embrace learning in all its dimensions, and embrace it as a lifestyle. Learn by seeing, by doing, by reading, by taking physical and online courses, by asking questions and talking to people, and by experimenting and innovating.

Aim to stay abreast of the literature in your industry and pick up books that motivate and inspire you. Share your learnings with others at the workplace and within your peer circles; this will enable you to cement your reputation as an expert in your field, and become acknowledged as a valuable resource for other professionals.

According to a Bayt.com study, reading relevant literature regularly is considered important for career advancement across the Middle East, with 69.6% of respondents stating that it is ‘extremely important’, and 77.8% saying they read industry-related literature on a regular basis.

Perfect your brand
If you don’t have a CV or public profile parked on the Middle East’s leading job sites, you may be missing out on key opportunities. Remember, the objective of a public professional profile is to get you noticed by the region’s employees, and also by clients and peers.

With this in mind, make sure that your CV is truly professional and regularly updated to reflect your latest skills, experience, and qualifications. If you are not visible in relevant circles, or if your online professional profile is not accurate and attractive, you could risk not being in the running for top industry jobs and other lucrative career opportunities.

It is often stated that in today’s jobs market, who we know and the quality of our relationships are as important as what we know. According to a 2016 poll by Bayt.com on career success, there are numerous important factors: hard work (29.1%), skills and relationships (13.7%), and even family support (10.8%).

Try to maintain an active presence in relevant circles. You can network with like-minded professionals physically, but also online through professional networking platforms. You will make good friendships, remain top-of-mind in the right groups, and pick up valuable business pointers and insights.

Networking is a skill like any other. If you are the shy and retiring type, you need only do a bit of online browsing to pick up some valuable tips on effective networking, and how best to hone your communicative strategy in a way that suits your personality.

Don’t be afraid to implement what you have learnt, or to experiment with new ideas. At a minimum, you should improve your performance and productivity levels, but why not try to innovate?

Innovation was identified by 34.4% of respondents to a Bayt.com poll on career success as the ultimate vision of success. It requires willpower, courage, and flexibility to try new things. Innovation also necessitates knowledge, research, and analysis to adapt your experimentation to the needs of the marketplace and your company’s objectives.

Finally, innovation requires professionalism, energy, and communication skills in order to achieve internal and external buy-in for the change that you want to enact.

This article was written by the careers experts at Bayt.com.

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