How KONE keeps people moving

KONE moves people around buildings safely and efficiently

KONE Access controls door, turnstile, and elevator access  according to individual access rights.
KONE Access controls door, turnstile, and elevator access according to individual access rights.

KONE moves people around buildings safely and efficiently.

Developers and property owners need to keep the people moving as smoothly and comfortably as possible. At the same time, security and access control needs to be top of mind. One of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE, addresses these needs with comprehensive People Flow Intelligence solutions. Customisable solutions for access and destination control, and information communication and equipment monitoring can be adapted accordingly to a building’s changing needs. This leads to efficient building management and added value to the property.

Mark Bayyari, managing director of KONE Qatar and Bahrain, walks us through KONE’s offering, and explains why the Middle Eastern cities in particular, can benefit from them.

Combining industry-leading technology with state-of-the-art design, KONE’s People Flow Intelligence portfolio covers access, destination, information, and monitoring. “The solutions are modular, flexible, and third-party compatible, meaning building owners can either take the whole integrated package, or pick and choose the solutions they need to complement the existing systems in their buildings,” Bayyari describes.

KONE Access Solutions features an access control system that is seamlessly integrated with the elevators, building doors, and turnstiles, to provide maximum security while ensuring smooth people flow. With KONE Access Solutions, the building management can create and manage access profiles according to area, time, date, or person. Door, turnstile, and elevator access can be controlled according to individual access rights. Moreover, personalised elevator calls can be specified for user groups or individuals, including allowed floors and priority calls.

“Morning chaos in the lobby area can be avoided with KONE Access Solutions, that guides the building user from the parking to their desk,” Bayyari states. When the users enter the building through doors or parking, they show their access cards at the card reader. In the lobby, they show the cards at the card reader integrated with a destination operating panel before making the elevator call.

Access will then be granted according to the floor access rights. Inside the elevator, users show their cards again at the card reader integrated with the car operating panel, and select their destination accordingly to the floor access rights. The card reader welcomes them next at the office door. “From A to Z in a smooth and safe way,” Bayyari adds.

KONE Destination Solutions optimise elevator performance. “Guiding users to the most appropriate elevator means less crowded cars, shorter travel times, and fewer unnecessary stops,” the MD continues. Whereas conventional elevator control systems only register the desired travel direction, the KONE Polaris destination control system takes into account the number of waiting passengers and their desired destinations. Listed floor destinations allow passengers to check that they are entering the correct elevator. For people who need more time and space, an accessibility function can be activated using a card reader or a special button.

"The solution is topped up with a stylish, intuitive touchscreen operating panel. Tech savvy users can also place the elevator call on their mobile devices. Bayyari elaborates: “KONE RemoteCall is an innovative mobile application for smart phones. It allows users to make personalised elevator calls quickly and conveniently from anywhere in the building.”

From a security perspective, the elevator system can be integrated with the building’s access control system. This way unauthorised use of elevators will be restricted. One of the great references for KONE Destination Control System in Qatar is the Twin Palm Tower. Bayayri continues: “This prestigious high-rise building of offices and hotels in the financial and commercial district of Dafna Area has 52 KONE elevators equipped with KONE Destination solutions. ”

Guidance and communication can be improved with the KONE InfoScreen that delivers multimedia or web based information to the elevator users. Screens can be located in elevator cars and on landings. Information can be updated remotely across multiple screens using a convenient information management system. “We offer two types of system configurations for the InfoScreens. KONE InfoScreen Standard is an offline elevator display system for information that rarely needs updating, like tenant names and logos. Whereas KONE InfoScreen Premium is an online elevator display system for a wide variety of content that needs automatic or remote updating through a local PC or automatically from a remote server,” Bayyari explains and continues describing the outlook: “The design of the screens is very appealing and in line with our signalization. It brings a great finishing touch for the elevator with a consistent look and feel.”

KONE’s monitoring solutions monitor and remotely control one or many buildings with either KONE or third-party equipment. Accurate real-time and historical overview reports transportation demand, traffic performance, and elevator capacity from a single interface.

“With KONE E-Link, the building management can issue commands like make elevator calls, change elevator operating mode, define parking floors and lock floors. In problem situations, the KONE E-Link allows rapid response and quicker troubleshooting. Remote shutdown of equipment enables significant energy savings at off-peak,” Bayyari says.

Commenting on the Middle Eastern market for the People Flow Solutions, Noha Kadora, marketing manager at KONE Middle East says: “We see a lot of potential in these new solutions, especially in the Middle Eastern region. The higher the buildings get, the more intelligent they have to become to ensure a smooth and safe people flow.

"An end-to-end solution means also lower total costs for our clients as they are dealing with one partner only instead of multiple suppliers.”

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