Karcher offers solutions for a clean sweep

High traffic areas require heavy-duty machines to ensure maximum results – Karcher offers solutions

Mazen Abou Chakra, export sales director at Karcher ME.
Mazen Abou Chakra, export sales director at Karcher ME.

High traffic areas require heavy-duty machines to ensure maximum results – Karcher offers solutions.

Keeping floors clean in high-traffic areas is a task amplified by short turnaround time, constant traffic, and environmental or weather conditions, says Mazen Abou Chakra, export sales director at Kärcher ME. “As such, cleaning technologies used for the cleaning of floors must be effective and efficient,” he comments.

Kärcher, a leader in innovative cleaning technology has a multitude of cleaning solutions designed specifically for different types of floors, regardless their make-up, from carpeted to wood and all other types in between.

In Qatar, and across the GCC, a persistent problem that affects all types of floors is the fine-dust and sand particles found in frequented public areas such as lobbies in hospitals, hotels, malls, and offices. Ridding floors of this problem, while a challenging task, is handled effectively by the company’s sweepers which have an advanced dust filtration mechanism. “Cleaning floors in high-traffic areas are not only about maintaining aesthetic standards, but also about increasing hygiene and general safety of the area,” the expert assures.

Kärcher manufactures some of the most effective machines capable of speedily clearing fine-dust and sand particles.

These machines are in constant demand by various industries across markets in the GCC. Certain industries however, such as the oil and gas sector, require specialised cleaning machines, incorporating techniques such as ultra-high pressure and steam cleaning to deal with the dirt and grime from daily operations.

“While Kärcher manufactures a wide range of machines applicable for specific use in different industries, there is no singular machine that is suited for all purposes across industries, neither is there a most popular machine amongst the market in Qatar or elsewhere in the GCC,” Abou Chakra explains.

However, the Qatari market and in general the GCC too, prefer machines that are easy to use and are robust and this is where Kärcher’s range of cleaning solutions for various industries ensures there is a constant demand for its cleaning equipment.

“Regardless of the type of business conducted across industries, the cleaning and maintenance of production facilities, public areas, and properties is an absolute necessity, and for these purposes Kärcher offers a variety of high-quality cleaning solutions,” Abou Chakra asserts.

“An advantage with Kärcher machines, in addition to the high-quality results, high efficiency and effectiveness offered, is the environmental sustainability of the cleaning solutions and equipment. Kärcher’s commitment to environmental sustainability is a firmly anchored corporate goal” he adds.

Kärcher established and pursues a Sustainability Strategy 2020 which aims to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 20% by the year 2020. To achieve the goals listed in the strategy 2020, the company pursues a policy of efficiency in operations and processes. “Through this, for example,” Abou Chakra explains, “at Kärcher’s combined heat and power plant, the company managed to cut down CO2 emissions by 56% compared to the previous gas heating system. Importance is given to the use of resources, which includes using them responsibly, sparsely, efficiently, and effectively, to minimise wastage and curtail or prevent environmental degradation.” To this end, Kärcher has developed two energy and resource saving methodologies eco!efficiency and eco!logic into the two product lines, professional and home and garden, respectively. The eco!efficiency products reduce the consumption of resources and energy with cleaning performance that is tailored to specific applications. Previous studies on the eco!efficiency range of products showed the total CO2 savings amounted to approximately 2,500,000 tonnes over the life period of these products, Ab ou Chakra assures.

“A challenge Kärcher faces is in communicating two main criteria for evaluation when choosing a cleaning solution. First, users need to ensure that the cleaning solution fits the requirements. Second, clients should weigh operational costs as opposed to the one-time fixed cost of the machine: Kärcher’s sustainability efforts have also transmitted benefits to the end-user in that added costs such as those incurred by the consumption of power, water and detergent are kept manageable.

“As a result of this, although Kärcher machines are initially more expensive, the total savings using Kärcher eco!efficieny machines are considerable over time,” Abou Chakra concludes.

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