People flow extends beyond the field of elevators

Haydon MEP’s general manager, Chris Brookes, and technical solutions manager for ELV, David Fagan, explain that people-flow systems are not only concerned with vertical transportation

(L-R) Haydon MEP’s general manager, Chris Brookes, and technical solutions manager for ELV, David Fagan.
(L-R) Haydon MEP’s general manager, Chris Brookes, and technical solutions manager for ELV, David Fagan.

Could you begin by outlining the people-flow services that Haydon ELV offers in the Middle East?

David Fagan: Haydon ELV offers a range of people-flow services in the Middle East, including parking management and payment solutions, guestroom management systems for the hospitality industry integrated with point-of-sale (PoS) and building management systems (BMS), and human-traffic analysis and people-counting systems for the retail segment. We are also equipped to supply, install, and maintain gate barrier, turnstile, and access control and intrusion detection systems.

Depending on the facility, requirement, and type of services that are going to be delivered by the operator, we can install one or several of these systems. Most importantly, all of these systems can be integrated with one another.

Could you provide an example of a major project for which Haydon ELV has provided such systems?

Chris Brookes: We have been providing people-flow services for the five-star Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island. Haydon ELV implemented the full DLV package for this project, which includes pretty much all of the aforementioned systems.

For instance, the hotel’s access control system is very intelligent; as soon as you arrive as a guest, the system recognises your presence. When you check in, it identifies your requirements and, by the time you reach your room, a welcome message will be displaying on your television. For returning guests, the system can also preset certain room settings, such as temperature, in line with your standards and requirements.

How do you expect the region’s people-flow intelligence market to develop during the coming years?

DF: It’s all about recognising the right opportunities. This is a very competitive environment from a technological standpoint, so we’re looking to provide niche solutions.

For instance, there’s a major drive to develop the UAE – and Dubai in particular – as the tertiary education centre of the Middle East. The idea is that families from across the region will send their children to the Emirates to stay in residences and study. With this in mind, Haydon ELV can supply systems that integrate access control with educational programming. Pupils’ access within a facility can be controlled and limited depending on their lesson timetables.

Can these technologies be used to optimise building performance in ways not directly related to people flow?

CB: Absolutely. Haydon MEP offers a unique energy management system, Oairo, that has been installed by Masdar in its Eco Villa. Essentially, it has helped to cut energy consumption by 70%.

Consider the potential applications of this technology in the commercial sector. The Middle East has numerous major events on the horizon, including Expo 2020. In the past, if you were expecting 2,000 people to visit an exhibition hall, you would have had to cool that space for six to seven hours beforehand. Our system controls energy use based on people flow. It detects when more people enter a space, and the cooling system reacts to that. CO2 levels are also monitored, and the fresh-air refresh rate is controlled to keep occupants alert. This can save clients millions of dirhams per year.

Do you think that Middle East customers will continue to adopt these systems?

DF: People-flow systems are not about the dirham value; they are about the value of the dirham spent. Haydon ELV engages its client base over the longer term, helping them to future-proof their assets. We try to encourage our clients to make decisions based on longevity and lifecycle, not just initial price comparisons.

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