Genie all-electric articulated booms prove popular

Fleet owners and operators in the Middle East report satisfaction with the productivity and ease of use of Genie’s Z-range fully electric articulated boom lifts

The Z-33/18 can perform an entire day’s work – both indoors and out – on a single battery charge.
The Z-33/18 can perform an entire day’s work – both indoors and out – on a single battery charge.

Fleet owners and operators in the Middle East surveyed by Terex Aerial Work Platforms have described their broad satisfaction with the productivity and ease of use of Genie’s latest fully electric articulated boom lifts.

One machine, the Genie Z33/18, a compact and lightweight fully electric Z-boom was launched in the Middle East at the Big 5 exhibition in Dubai in November 2015, while the Genie Z-60/37 full electric boom lift was revealed to the industry at Bauma 2016.

Charbel Kordahi, managing and sales director at Terex Middle East, has noted that these machines are today “representing as much as 80% of [its] rental sales in some cases”.

During development Genie perceived that “business potential for indoor and outdoor applications in the 12m to 20m range [was] high, but the global product offering in this segment is limited to either heavier compact electric units adapted to indoor tasks or diesel machines for outdoor applications”.

This observation spurred the development of the Z33/18 and Z-60/37 generation of Genie machines based on AC electric drive technology, which is more efficient and easier to maintain tha DC drive technology, but which, up until recently, also involved a significant step up in cost.

However, the latest generation of versatile fully electric machines allow operators to perform more tasks with one machine and rental companies to re-think the way they manage their fleets.

Dubai rental company AJI Heavy Equipment Rental received six Genie Z-33/18 booms lifts in 2016.

Its general manager Dean Jones noted: “The Z-33/18 boom is so versatile that our machines are under constant demand, and provide excellent return on investment. The operating speed battery life is far superior to the competition and sets this machine apart.

“We also find the maintenance of its power system, which integrates the motor, brake and gearbox, very practical. And since there are no brushes or commutators to service, the time in the workshop is reduced and as a result it spends more time in the field. It is also simple to use and operators love it.”

The Z-33/18 can perform an entire day’s work – both indoors and out – on a single battery charge, and is significantly lighter than traditional machines in the 12m category, weighing in at 3,640kg – which is nearly 1,500kg less than many other electrically powered units in the size class.

The reduced weight yields a floor pressure of just 991 kg/m2 and a tyre contact pressure of 483kPa.

Three Genie Z-60/37 fully electric booms were also delivered to Dubai Park and Resorts by Genie’s Dubai distributor Al Mahroos in January, where their low level of noise pollution will be critical.

Nishad Abdulla, assistant fleet manager at Dubai Parks and Resorts, commented: “We are always looking for new solutions that suit our needs in terms of productivity and the quality of worksite conditions.

“Thanks to its excellent range of motion, versatile, quiet, clean performance and four-wheel drive abilities, this new Genie model is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to separate diesel and electric powered units. For us, the Z-60/37 definitely ticks all the right boxes.”

Powered by high-efficiency fully enclosed AC electric drive motors, the four-wheel drive 4WD drive Z-60/37 is able to go 25% faster and climb slopes just as well as its diesel-powered counterparts.

Adam Hailey, director of product management at Terex AWP, commented: “Weighing 2,268kg less than the Z-62/40 boom lift, the Z60/37 enhances the efficiency of this all-electric concept.

“While having the ability to access many indoor and outdoor work environments that other models cannot, this boom lift is able to run all day. In addition, the torque and drive system work together to perform more efficiently than a hydraulic machine – using 30% less energy than normally required.”

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