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MEP consultant in the construction process

Gary Walton, group managing director, JPW, reveals the company’s expertise in the MEP sector


A building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and IT systems can account for as much as 40% of a construction project’s budget – a significant investment in systems that affect the operating costs in the short and long term. Owners and stakeholders must juggle the budget, life cycle, quality, performance, changes, and asset maintenance, whilst relying on contractors to manage the intricacies of the actual construction process.

With projects increasing in their complexity and construction timelines becoming shorter, the role of JPW Consulting Group (JPW) to design and peer review the mechanical, electrical and specialized system is becoming more important, as these systems become ever more complex, and the Codes and Standards become even more stringent.

The Codes and Standards for compliance with operating standards and fire and life safety are ever changing. Failure in compliance with parts of these regulations can mean the inability to operate/open the constructed facility.

JPW offers independent support and analysis to ensure that the project stakeholders receive expert guidance and oversight for all building systems, including the most important element, integration of these systems. Without an integrated solution, MEP systems will fail to operate as intended or required, and in some cases fail to operate at all resulting in lengthy commissioning timelines that in turn delay the opening of the facility and commencing that return on investment.

The quality of the design and the detailed information provided is directly related to the success of the project, in respect of fulfilling the clients brief, cost certainty and timescales. The production of a well-conceived detailed design is the epitome of getting it right from the start; the failure to develop the design correctly from the start of the project leads the project down the road of failure as the client’s expectations are not fulfilled and the project invariably does not complete on the intended timeframe nor within the allowable budget.

JPW Consulting Group can help guide both clients and project teams to make cost effective and sound engineering solutions that are practical for the building’s overall functionality. Decisions made at the outset of a project greatly secure both the capital expense and life cycle costs associated with building assets, as due consideration is given to their quality as well as their planned preventive maintenance within the detailed design stage.

The construction cost element is less than 20% of the building life cycle cost; therefore, small cost savings within the detailed design phase, in way of reduced consultant fees and construction phase, are made at the expense of ongoing operational costs.

Whilst it is best to engage services during the preconstruction phase, JPW can provide a variety of services during different project phases. For example, during the construction phase, JPW can help monitor the progress and quality of installation, resolve outstanding field issues, and coordinate startup, commission, and warranty activities. Even during the bidding process, JPW can assist stakeholders with making informed decisions, saving both cost and time.

Additionally, JPW can operate with, but independently from, other contractors and consultants, to make sure the project’s MEP systems meet the stakeholders’ requirements. With focused expertise in the field, JPW especially understand the challenges that clients face, as well as the critical importance of maintenance and long-term operational costs in the UAE’s unique climate. The environment in the UAE is one of the most aggressive in the world, and this increases demands on engineering (MEP) systems that are unique.

With both Dubai and Abu Dhabi adopting sustainable building codes, JPW Consulting Group also offers a thorough and up-to-date understanding of how these codes affect building project designs, timelines, service life of equipment and project budgets.

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