Imtedaad set to drive energy management in GCC FM

Imdaad’s director of IT and procurement, Arif Al Yedaiwi, on smart control for homes through Imtedaad

Arif Al Yedaiwi, director of IT & procurement, Imdaad.
Arif Al Yedaiwi, director of IT & procurement, Imdaad.

Imdaad’s pursuit of innovation led to the formation of Imtedaad, which yields energy preservation results and smart solutions. Imtedaad’s approach is not only award-winning  – it was recognised as the Technology Implementation of the Year at the fmME Awards 2016 – but is an integrated approach that streamlines the existing workflow and adds intelligence to FM delivery and operations.

Imtedaad intelligently analyses the performance trends of interconnected assets by co-relating all essential data with the behaviour of the building’s eco-system, then generating a set of recommendations and corrective actions.

It also provides a future-proof cognitive computing platform, predictive maintenance capability, seamless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, automatic corrective measures, real-time monitoring and tracking of assets, and energy management. 

Imtedaad makes full use of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the system can also show a 360° view of the building, allowing operators to remotely manage client assets through internet connectivity, thus ensuring comfort and giving building owners a sense of control. Essentially, Imtedaad monitors and controls the energy consumption and operation of buildings. 

Our energy engineers analyse and treat live energy and assets information to keep track of our clients’ energy-saving targets and asset efficiencies. This allows our clients to forecast upcoming energy bills, meet energy-saving targets, quickly rectify errors if a piece of equipment is not performing to standard, and investigate its cause to develop predictive maintenance plans. 

As evidenced by Chart 1, 2,081 faults were identified by Imtedaad in a month, and 90% of those faults (1,869) were remotely fixed, thus reducing the needs for call-outs and work orders. This with high % of  monetary operation cost saving.

Those number of faults are monitored internally by the Imtedaad team, and allow us to prevent problems getting worse, as well as minimise repairing costs. Immediate action is taken to correct those issues and maximise operational efficiencies.


Imtedaad is currently monitoring the overall building energy consumption and carbon footprint emission, and shown in Chart 2 is some information we currently monitor at select clients’ facilities. This information will help us monitor energy waste, better control building energy performance, and achieve energy saving targets, as well as cut greenhouse gas emission reduction. All this information will be accessible by clients and improve information reported to the organisation. Based on organisational needs, we can also customise specific dashboards.

As you can see from Chart 2, we are able to compare the building’s daily performance, and clients can also see which buildings are not preforming in accordance to the norm, allowing for further investigation. Once the problem is rectified, the client will be on course for more performance-related savings.


Multi-zone temperature control maintains optimum temperature for each room, depending on the purpose and the actual needs. HiQ supports multiple schedules for heating and cooling, and advanced energy efficiency algorithms too.


When looking at the theory behind saving energy on AC systems, we need to start identifying which part of the system consumes the maximum power. In a simple AC unit, the fan consumes around 10% to 20%, whereas the compressor uses around 80% to 90% of the total power.

This means the compressor should be more energy-efficient – but how can that be achieved without compromising on performance? AES smart controllers help detect overcapacity, and switch off the compressor, thus avoiding inefficiency. The AC unit goes into ‘saver mode’, and the room’s temperature is set without affecting the cooling cycle. Meanwhile, the compressor turns on when stored energy is used up.

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