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2017 Construction Week Power 100: Year-on-year comparison

Check out how the demographics of the Construction Week Power 100 have shifted over the past year

Construction Week's 2017 Power 100 was published earlier this week.
Construction Week's 2017 Power 100 was published earlier this week.

Construction Week's 2017 Power 100 was published earlier this week.

The annual list of the Middle East’s 100 most influential construction professionals contains more than 30 new entries from across the region, reflecting the period of transition in which our industry currently finds itself.

These entries have also altered the corporate makeup of the Power 100 this year. 

The following pages outline how the geographical and sectoral demographics of the Construction Week Power 100 have shifted over the past 12 months

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The Construction Week 2017 Power 100 comprises 66 companies from the GCC, four Middle East-based outfits, and 30 organisations with international headquarters. 

The geographical breakdown is in contrast to the Construction Week 2016 Power 100, which featured 60 GCC outfits and 10 Middle East companies. 

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Construction Week’s 2017 Power 100 list features 50 contractors, 23 consultants, 19 developers, and eight conglomerates.

Last year’s rankings featured three multidisciplinary firms.

The latter category has been merged with conglomerates in 2017 to reflect regional companies’ diversification efforts.

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The number of GCC-based contractors has increased by four in 2017, while an equal number of companies has dropped out of the wider Middle East tab.

This year's number of international contractors has fallen by two.

These trends reflect the reduced number of contractors in the overall rankings this year (50), compared to 2016’s 52. 

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The 2017 Power 100 list has also seen a drop in the number of consultancies (23) by two, compared to last year’s 25.

However, while two GCC-based consultancies have dropped out of this year’s list, one outfit, based in the wider Middle East region, has made its way into the 2017 rankings. 

Next page: Developer comparison, by year

A slight, but noticeable increase in real estate investments has seen GCC and international developers retain all 19 of their spots in this year’s rankings.

However, there are no developers from the wider Middle East this year, with the one company that made the cut last year having dropped from the list.


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