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Special Report: Energy-efficient HVAC systems on the rise

Pramodh Idicheria, executive director, Leminar Air Conditioning Company, writes about the ongoing trends in the HVAC sector

Pramodh Idicheria, executive director, Leminar Air Conditioning Company.
Pramodh Idicheria, executive director, Leminar Air Conditioning Company.

The demand for “smarter” and “energy efficient” air conditioning and refrigeration has carried forth into 2017. There is also an increasing demand for retrofit jobs to replace outdated units with the latest upgrades. However, with the market moving away from a quality agenda to cost consciousness, there is the risk of inferior products to get into the market.

At Leminar, we see a lot of potential in Rheem VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system that can help minimise efficiency losses. The features of Rheem VRF include an enhanced degree of sub-cooling up to 17.60C, Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to 4.59 and 64HP (heat pump) single system to name a few. Since its introduction to the market over a year ago, the solution has been supplied to several projects and is expected to become the ideal choice of all HVAC contractors.

We also anticipate greater adoption of evaporative cooling technology. Mesan USA Cooling Towers, a brand we recently signed for Kuwait, offers the highest combined efficiency (thermal and energy), and consequently, the lowest energy consumption per tonne. We have noticed that products that have better energy ratings and result in lower emissions and utility bills, have greater uptake. As a company, we have a range of products in different categories that offer several benefits on this front.

We have already introduced Mesan USA Cooling Towers to Kuwait and other markets and have inked a deal with KIMMCO for the exclusive distribution of its Climaver, a light-weight pre-insulated ductwork system that is being regarded as the best alternative to traditional sheet metal duct systems.

Market drivers

The increasing adherence and adoption of rating systems in the region are spurring the demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems. As more and more clients mandate LEED and green building certification for their projects, the demand will continue to rise. Cost, on the other hand, will be the major deterrent according to us. With real estate prices under pressure, contractors are feeling the pinch. As a result, suppliers are also under stress and price levels are continuing to drop. The market is becoming a lot more cost conscious than ever before.

Sustainable growth

Going into 2017, with market liquidity concerns prevailing, we were pragmatic in our goal setting. Our main objectives are to continue to have sustainable growth, be regarded as one of the most trusted HVAC companies, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximise stakeholder value through sustained profitability. We expect to continue our growth in the UAE and hope to gain greater market share in Oman and Kuwait. We have set conservative financial goals and expect to maintain our net margins.

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