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Tech tools can boost construction site security in the GCC

Construction companies typically overlook the role of tech-oriented safety systems, but site security must be improved through the use of third-party applications

Firas Sinno is the founder and chief executive officer of SMS by Keytech.
Firas Sinno is the founder and chief executive officer of SMS by Keytech.

Many regional construction companies and developers fail to prioritise and implement adequate security systems, thus putting their organisations at risk.

Even though the GCC’s construction sites are not under any major threat, businesses should not take the security situation for granted.

It is often overlooked how important it is for companies and organisations to invest in a reliable and accurate third-party time and attendance system to create a safer environment for their business and its contractors. Using digitised and advanced applications that have been created specifically for third-party contractors – or any company that provides a service for a specific period of time – will help give greater insights about the company’s workforce.

Such applications use biometric technology and analytic reports to ensure accurate information is given to clients, keeping them up-to-date and guaranteeing fully accurate attendance information.

Advanced technologies such as third-party time and attendance systems can detect and eradicate deception, prevent the hiring of illegal employees, stop unauthorised people from accessing a site, and limit the number of working hours to that allowed by local labour authorities. These solutions also offer real-time information about service providers via a punctuality monitoring functionality, as well as offering emailed reports and remote access.

By applying reliable security applications, companies can avoid daily security issues. With the growing number of contractors in the region, there are many unauthorised activities that could take place on construction and development sites. Items such as machinery, and electrical and mechanical tools, go missing on almost a daily basis. Third-party time and attendance systems can easily prevent theft on construction sites by encouraging accuracy and efficiency, and curtailing criminal activity.

The other benefit of installing such a software is the ability to manage on-site emergencies that may occur on a high-risk construction site. For example, in the case of a fire emergency, the information that security guards have on record from third-party time and attendance systems must be in real time, accurate, and consistent, in order for them to be able to identify whether anyone is missing.

This also ensures that health and safety standards are met, since the only people allowed on the site would be employees who were legally approved, were pre-registered on the company’s system, and had passed a background check.

The UAE’s construction community will be able to better facilitate its day-to-day operations with reliable security systems and applications that offer third-party time and attendance monitoring. Many companies have difficulty in providing an accurate, signed attendance sheet that can be double-checked and verified.

In such a case, employees may take advantage of the attendance sheet by being late to work or being absent, and getting another employee to cover for them by signing the sheet. A logical solution to these types of security problems is to invest in reliable third-party time and attendance systems.

For instance, SMS by Keytech offers third-party applications that verify and pre-register the attendance of personnel, as well as eliminating unregistered workers, and notifying the company when an employee is overworked, late, or absent. Companies are able to keep track of each employee’s working hours through the application, helped by the real-time check-in software. As security technologies continue to advance, companies and organisations can more easily achieve a good standard of security.

Improved checks and construction-site surveillance can help the UAE’s booming construction sector by significantly reducing any potential security issues. Investing in a reliable and accurate security system should be an essential step for all companies to maintain their building operations, health and safety standards, and security procedures, all of which can create a safer environment for an organisation and its employees.

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