CW Oman Awards 2018: Top five tips to draft a winning nomination

Make sure your submission ticks these boxes so you can win a coveted CW Oman Awards prize on 12 March, 2018, in Muscat

The Construction Week Oman Awards 2018 will be held in Muscat on 12 March.
The Construction Week Oman Awards 2018 will be held in Muscat on 12 March.

The nominations deadline for the seventh annual Construction Week (CW) Oman Awards is less than two months away, and time is running out to submit your bid for an award. 

The CW Oman Awards 2018 ceremony will take place in Muscat on Monday, 12 March, 2018.

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Construction companies and professionals active in Oman can submit nominations across 13 awards categories, which are designed to recognise and reward individual excellence, corporate prowess, and project success.

All nominations must be submitted through Construction Week's online portal by Monday, 22 January, 2018.

Additionally, all projects submitted as nominations must be 80% complete within the past 12 months (Feb 2017 to Feb 2018). 

Visit the event’s microsite to find out more about this year’s categories and the nominations process.

To book your seat at the CW Oman Awards ceremony, please contact Teri Dunstan on (+971) 04 4443000, or drop her a line on

For partnership opportunities associated with the CW Oman Awards brand, please email

While content is always the key consideration for the CW Awards judging panel, presentation also matters – a well-prepared nomination reaps its benefits.

With this in mind, the CW team has put together a handy guide detailing how you can give yourself, your colleagues, or your company the best chance of picking up a trophy this year.

1. Tailor your approach

The CW Oman Awards 2018 offers individuals and companies the opportunity to submit nominations across 13 categories, but it is necessary to adopt a focussed approach.

No matter how big your organisation is, it will be stronger in some fields than it is in others – and the same can be said of its employees. As such, it pays to take a selective approach to awards nominations.

Firstly, identify the categories that best represent the key strengths and achievements of your company or nominated individual. Consider why our judges should rank your entry higher than those of your competitors.

Your nomination should convey what your team has done that’s out of the ordinary, or how you or your colleagues gone above and beyond the call of duty. 

It’s always better to submit a single well-thought-out entry than it is to enter multiple generic nominations.

2. Know your worth

The CW Oman Awards 2018 categories are diverse, and there is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted.

While the advice contained in our first tip still stands, if you feel that you have multiple projects, people, or initiatives that merit a particular award, then feel free to nominate them all.

Of course, there can only be one winner for each category, so quality will always beat quantity, but there is merit in submitting multiple high-level nominations as well.

CW Oman Awards 2018 is no time for modesty; this is your chance to tell the sultanate's and Middle East's construction communities exactly what you’ve been doing, and how well you’ve been doing it.

3. Take your time

A rushed, poorly-written, or cluttered entry is unlikely to grab our judges’ attention. More forgettable is an entry that has been thrown together at the last minute.

No matter how impressive a project or individual, your entry’s quality will not shine through unless information is presented clearly and effectively. The approach that you take to the nominations process should mirror the thorough, methodical manner in which you conduct your day-to-day business activities.

Additionally, make sure to include key data, such as statistics and organisational accomplishments, in your entry. Quantifying your achievements within relatable business parameters will help the judges better understand the value of your efforts and achievements.

Bear in mind that nominations for the CW Oman Awards 2018 close on Monday, 22 January, 2018, and that leaves you plenty of time to plan and compile your submissions.

Take time to detail every last point of pertinent information. You wouldn’t want to lose out to one of your competitors because you neglected to mention something that they remembered to include.

4. Plan it out

Don’t be overwhelmed by the CW Oman Awards judging process. Our panel of judges may be industry experts, but so too are you.

Take time to think about the types of detail that would impress you if you were presiding over this year’s entries. What is it about your company, project, initiative, or employee that makes it, him, or her stand out from the competition?

Our judges will scrutinise each nomination in detail, bear in mind that your entry is likely to be up against dozens – if not hundreds – of other submissions.

Within this context, it’s vital to ensure that your nomination possesses that ‘wow’ factor – the element that will preventing it from blending into the pile.

Do whatever you can to make your entry memorable, so that it is at the top of our judges’ minds when they cast their votes.

5. Pay attention to detail

Collating a winning entry for the CW Oman Awards is a significant undertaking, so missing out on a technicality would be unfortunate.

Make sure that you have dotted all of your i’s and crossed each of your t’s. The nominations process is straightforward, but it is one that must be followed to the letter in order to qualify.

Comprehensive entry guidelines can be found at, so read them carefully before submitting your nomination.

If you follow these five simple steps to success, you’ll have given yourself the best possible chance of winning a coveted Construction Week Oman Award.

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