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Could drones become popular in the security sector?

What impact will drones have on the regional safety and security sector? Positive regulatory development in the region, should lead to new opportunities

COMMENT, Facilities Management, Drones, FM, Middle east, Safety and security sector

Drones have become part of several industries ever since Amazon propelled their popularity, when it announced it would deliver via drones.

It opened the mind-set of different industries and led to significant increases in the commercial use of drones. According to Intersec the market for drones in the GCC is expected to reach $1.5bn by 2022.

Rapid advancement have been made in drones and the technology used to operate them, prompting numerous organisations in both public and private sectors to consider substituting some of their traditional methods of operation.

The security sector is one of the more ideal markets for drones as they can perform in challenging environments, and in some cases they can be more efficient than humans.

So will security patrol vehicles be replaced by drones that allow authorities to get a bird’s eye view of surroundings? Then human intervention may only be required when something untoward has been noticed via the drone’s cameras.

It isn’t a straight forward answer, as drones have their limitations and we need to step back and take a better view of the situation.

Mass produced commercial drones generate a fair amount of noise when in operation. This limits their applications indoors and domestically, especially in residential areas.

On the other hand, drone cameras have evolved, becoming quite sophisticated over the last 12 months — image stabilisation, 360º cameras, powerful optical zoom functions and sophisticated night vision capabilities are just a few of their enhanced features.

Positive regulatory development in the region, combined with innovative applications for drone usage, are set to drive growth in the regional drones market.


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