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Winners announced for fmME Golden Rosette Supplier Awards 2018

Congratulations to all the suppliers who have taken home the fmME Golden Rosette Supplier Awards 2018. Three cheers

ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management
ANALYSIS, Facilities Management

Commercial illumination: SA Equip

Exclusively distrubted by Bin Moosa Daly, the SA Equip range wins the Golden Rosette for commercial illumination

Bin Moosa Daly is the exclusive distributor of SA Equip — a Scottish firm that specialises in heat, light, air and power. SA Equip’s technologies allow users to control temperature, airflow and illumination — and to distribute power — safely and efficiently in dangerous, potentially explosive environments.

From its base in Scotland, SA Equip has been in business since 1924, originally providing electrical supplies and support to the shipping industry. In the 1960s the industry was in its infancy, and few products had been specifically designed for use in hazardous environments.

The firm responded to this new demand by developing safe, rugged, practical equipment for use on and offshore. The company grew with oil and gas, as they developed solutions in light, heat, ventilation and power distribution, achieving several ‘world firsts’ along the way.

The SA Equip range of products is already highly regarded across the world, which is why Moosa-Daly partnered with the firm to provide support to local customers.

The SA Equip range broadens and gives increased flexibility in the options you have for portable equipment adding ATEX power distribution (440v) and ventilation that were previously difficult to obtain in the region.

SA Equip products are now used in shipping, aerospace, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and other heavy industry applications. Many of the company’s products are unique in the sense there are no competitors for its specific features. Moreover, they have renowned expertise in solving problems for dangerous conditions, in all kinds of industries, all over the world.

Bin Moosa Daly was established in 1967 by Michael F. Daly to service the emerging Abu Dhabi construction market. The company is in its second generation and is currently headed by his son Michael P. Daly, as the managing director. Daly believes that the company is now poised for sharp growth with its dynamic team located throughout the UAE.

Fact: Bin Moosa Daly has a dedicated 17,000 m2 warehouse space and capacity to handle 500 containers annually.

Did you know? Bin Moosa & Daly is a UAE-founded company

Email: sales@moosa-daly.com; salesdxb@moosa-daly.com Tel: 02-643 7220; 04-328 5976

Tap/faucet system: Airblade tap

The Airblade Tap brings Dyson’s legendary sheet air technology, and is every bit revolutionary

The hand drying experts reinvented the space when it launched its Dyson Airblade Tap. The dryer, integrated within the tap, ensures users need not move to a separate drying area after rinsing their hands.

The mechanism is available across three modes — short pipe (from sink), long pipe (from sink) or wall mounted. The Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer has a lower environmental impact than other hand drying methods and produces 4.0g of CO2 per dry — up to 74% less than other hand dryers and up to 71% less than paper towels.

The Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryers deploys a HEPA filter that caputures 99.95% particles the size of bacteria and viruses from the air used to dry hands.

The HEPA filter is bolted with a grill to capture larger debris, a fleece layer to capture fluff and fibres, and a pleated HEPA media to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns.

The Dyson Airblade tap operates via a touch-free infrared sensor, with airspeeds jetting at 430mph up to 30 l/s. The stainless steel brushed tap exterior has an ABS moulded motor assembly construction on the underside. The unit comes with a five year warranty as well.

The Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer costs an average of $48 to run for the entire year. That’s up to 69% less than other hand dryers ($157), and up to 97% ($1,460) less than paper towels the firm claims.

Sam Bernard, global category director, Dyson Professional says: “In 1907, paper towels were introduced to washrooms. The electric hand dryer made its first appearance in 1948. But both have changed little since — they can still be expensive, unhygienic and harmful to the environment.

“At Dyson we didn’t think that was good enough. So in 2006 we invented Airblade technology, which uses 430mph sheets of air to physically remove moisture from hands, quickly and hygienically,” Bernard adds.

Fact: James Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner — G-Force — was sold in Japan in the late 1980s, and cost $2,000.

Did you know? dyson’s roots can be traced back to 1978

Website: www.dyson.ae Tel: +971 4 350 7877

CAFM and tech innovation: FSI Chatlog

FSI FM Solutions has been at the forefront of innovations in CAFM systems and takes home the award

FSI’s new CAFM app development Chatlog has brought about a social revolution in the facilities management sector. Chatlog offers real time FM engagement across the user base and a more effective approach to helpdesk data.

Once a building or site has been chosen and developed for occupation by a community (as a workplace, an institution, a residence, a transport terminal, etc) FM — as it has evolved in today’s world — contributes significantly to the critical, ongoing role of ensuring that the location serves its designated purpose successfully.

The key to achieving recognition is (mass) communication and the solution to FM industry’s conundrum of ‘recognition of what we do’ is now presented itself through the convergence of a number of communications technologies.

The combination of different communications tools and data-gathering mechanisms has resulted in the birth of simple, single-function FM apps, which bring a tangible relationship with FM to the fingertips of potentially every smartphone or tablet user who have dealings with any premises.

So ChatLog combines a very familiar social media experience with a new and much more efficient approach to the operation of an FM Helpdesk.

The traditional helpdesk process is quite fragmented. A tenant may report an issue by phone, email and more recently, via a dedicated web portal — perhaps loaded with a little too much technical FM vocabulary.

The nature of a ChatLog interaction may be a highly personal, one-off situation such as a leaky faucet, where the private message option will be appropriate. More often though, issues will affect entire work groups or the whole user-base — perhaps a temperature control malfunction on one floor or a faulty lift.

In such cases, in its primary, public mode, the ChatLog presents a visible, and quite informal, two-way, conversational dialogue between the workplace community and the FM team.

Fact: FSI has been involved in workspace technology since 1990.

Did you know? FSI has 15 different categories of products

Email: info@fsime.ae Tel: +971 4 449 5380

High-Access Cleaning equipment: Genie Boom Lift

Terex swoops the High-Access Cleaning Equipment company of the year for its enhanced new booms

One of five other models in the extending Genie S and SX- telescopic Xtra Capacity (XC) boom lift series, the Genie SX-105 XC telescopic boom lift is engineered to work in more applications that require higher capacities.

In a fast paced sector, where dexterity and efficiency is essential, the Genie SX-105 XC boom helps FM companies deliver. This new Genie Xtra Capacity boom is suited for heavy lifting tasks in large facilities maintenance and construction duties. Applications range from tasks at stadiums, sports arenas, gas sites and oil refineries, to industrial, telecommunications, utilities and bridge inspection jobs.

Offering a dual lift capacity of 300kgs — 454kgs (660lb. — 1,000 lb.)  across the entire working envelope, the Genie XC booms, increases productivity at height to help get the job  done. When any standard platform would only permit one person and their tools to work at height, Genie Xtra Capacity booms permit up to three people each averaging 100kg (2205 lb.) to work at the same height.

The Genie SX-105 XC boom includes a new low-maintenance load-sense cell that monitors the weight on the platform and disables function if the load exceeds the platform load limit. As a result, operators can feel confident that the weight load they are carrying corresponds to the machines capacity.

Sharbel Kordahi, managing director of Terex Equipment Middle East (TEME) and sales director of Aerial Work Platforms Middle East (AWP ME) says: “The saying goes that ‘There’s a Genie boom lift for every job’, and doing more with a single unit saves time and increases productivity. With their ability to lift heavier loads than similar booms by other brands, our Genie XC models are ‘Kings of Capacity’ and manage to combine the latest new generation Genie technologies to increase efficiencies, enhance the operator experience and make work in applications that require higher capacities faster and easier.”

Fact: Terex Corporation is a lifting and material handling solutions company.

Did you know? Terex, Genie, Powerscreen and Demag are all part of Terex corporation

Website: www.terex.com Tel: +971 4 399 0381

Floor Cleaner system: Karcher

Karcher has cemented its position as one of the premier floor cleaners with its BRC 40/22

Kärcher’s newly launched all-purpose carpet cleaner — BRC 40/22 brings a new level of efficiency to carpet cleaning thanks to its effective mechanism. The machine can cover an area of 350 m2/h and 1,000 m2/h when used for deep and intermediate cleaning respectively.

The machine launched in the Middle East market in September last year, is capable of completing three steps: applying the cleaning agent through spray nozzles at the front end of the machine head, working the solution into the carpet using a rotating roller brush, and picking up the dirt from the carpet using a squeegee.

These processes not only shorten the time required to clean the carpet by around 30%, but also reduces time required for drying thereby increasing turnaround time.

The walk-behind BRC 40/22 is extremely manoeuvrable as it is equipped with a 200° rotatable head which is capable of moving left, right, and back and front. This function makes accessing corners and overcoming obstacles easier.

The machine is ergonomically and intuitively designed featuring a simple rotary switch for setting the operating mode; the function to change the roller brush and squeegees without tools; and a separate cable guide, and height-adjustable handlebars.

The BRC 40/22 was awarded the “Visitors Choice Innovation Award” at ISSA Interclean 2016 held at Amsterdam and Gold certification from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute)

“Kärcher wants to offer everything that the operators needs for their individual cleaning task. It is not the available range that is decisive but, the actual demand. Kärcher offers a system that consist of machines, accessories, service, manual tools, engineering solutions, cleaning agent and connect cleaning (Kärcher Fleet Systems) to integrate into your operations and make a difference,” Richard Nouira, managing director — Kärcher Middle East.

Did you know? Kärcher was founded in 1935 by inventor Alfred Kärcher

Email: customercare@ae.kaercher.com Tel: +971 4 886 1177

Elevator and Escalator system: Kone Highrise MiniSpace

The Kone Highrise MiniSpace takes this award for its high-speed travel and small machine room

As the Middle East continues to grow rapidly with several new high-rise buildings and skyscrapers being developed to meet urban requirements, an elevator mechanism such as the MiniSpace goes the distance in keeping space-related issues in check. It features a broad range of interior options, decent ride comfort and excellent eco-efficiency.

The new series features 52 new car interiors grouped into six different design themes featuring innovative new materials and lighting solutions. It also has four different signalisation series to choose from. It comes equipped with a wide selection of materials and accessories — over 100 options and over a million combinations for a unique look and feel.

The Kone MiniSpace series of elevators combines the Kone EcoDisc motor with a compact machine room. The elevator system is ideal for offices, hotels, and residential buildings for up to 63 floors. With the MiniSpace the machine room is an extension of the elevator shaft, making it easier and more cost efficient to install. The hoisting motor needs only 40% of the space compared with a conventional traction elevator machine room.

The secret behind the Kone MiniSpace solution is the permanent magnet and its gearless KoneEcoDisc motor that weighs less than half of a conventional geared traction machine and is approximately twice as efficient.


Speed: 10.0 m/s
Max. travel: 400 m
Max. load: 2.000 kg
Max. persons: Up to 26

Did you know? the Kone MiniSpace mechanism has a permanent magnet helping it save space

Website: www.kone.ae Tel: +971 4 279 4500

Water management: Milano

For its robust water technologies Danube’s Milano takes the award for Water Management product of 2018

Milano has joined a select few other manufacturers to ditch the stainless steel inner tank with its electric range of water heaters, opting for an enamel inner instead. The water heaters also come with a micro cellular polyrethane foam technology between the shell and the inner tank which can keep the water warm and prevent heat loss for a long time.

This enables Milano’s products to save 30% more energy than traditional water heaters. The electric water heater range includes the compact water heater, tubular solar water heater, storage water heater and instant water heater.

Button controllers are tested for 120 hours under tough conditions of 85% humidity and 85°C, this ensures consistent performance in hot and humid regions. The buttons are tested with 70,000 times continuous pressing test, ensures long lasting use.

The intelligent dual heat system is efficient and saves water if — for example — one person is taking a shower. For heavy usage, water in the auxillary tank gets heated. Thus, conserving energy and responding to needs unlike conventional water heaters that heat both tank regardless. The Storage Water Heater is water proof IPX4 and is fitted with overheat protection.

The compact water heater is ideal for domestic apartments and comes equipped with with a remote control as well.

Milano is a wholly-owned brand by Danube Group, with origins in Italy. The brand is distributed across the world and was  founded in 2006 and manufactures a range of sanitary, electrical, tiles, water purifier and hardware products. Milano products are sold in Africa, Europe, Asia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and has around 45 showrooms in the UAE, more than 500 distributors in the country and is supported by more than 5000 distributors across the world.

Fact: Milano’s products are able to save 30% more energy than traditional water heaters.

Did you know? Milano — a Danube subsidiary — was founded in 2006

Website: www.milanoitalysrl.com Email: sales@milanoitalysrl.com Tool-free: 800 9293

Tissue dispenser system: Tork PeakServe

A product that’s born out of strong feedback from users — Tork PeakServe is set for a January 2018 launch

The Tork PeakServe has zoomed to the top of our jury’s choice for the best tissue dispenser. Interestingly, Tork is only unveiling the PeakServe in January 2018.

Tork surveyed over 3,000 people from across six countries about their experience at high-traffic venues such as stadiums. The results indicated that guests simply don’t want to be delayed in a washroom, or miss out on the event. Yet over 70% of guests have had a bad washroom experience.

Two in five of those who had a bad experience complained about it to friends, a quarter of the guests even avoided the washroom all together, of which a third limit what they eat and drink to do so.

Operations teams running stadiums, concert halls or airports look at speeding up and cleaning the washroom experience as the key aspect to improving business. Tork’s new hand towels are compressed to fit twice as many in less space.

The system is continuous: the compressed Tork PeakServe bundles latch onto each other when loaded and towels are connected so they dispense with no interruption.

The result is a new experience of smooth, continuous towel flow and a dispenser that stays slim yet has 35% more capacity than other products on the market.

Bundles are compressed by 50% giving up to 2,100 towels per dispenser, 250% more towels for less refilling and better washroom flow.

Tork is a brand of SCA, a global hygiene that specialises in personal care, tissue and forest products in about 100 countries. SCA was founded by Ivar Kreuger in 1929 as a holding company for ten Swedish forest industry companies.

Fact: Bundles are compressed by 50 % giving up to 2,100 towels per dispenser

Did you know? SCA hygiene employs approximately 4,000 staff

Email: tork.meea@essity.com Website: www.torkmeia.com

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