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Top construction job stats to help you build your CV

Data shows that an advertised job receives more than 200 applications, and 70% of interviewers take only two minutes to decide if they won't hire an applicant

How is the perfect construction CV built?
How is the perfect construction CV built?

Crafting the perfect CV can be tricky, but knowing what works – and what doesn't – can be helpful.

The following pages outline key insights about how the most successful construction-sector CVs are perceived by employers.

This list has been compiled in collaboration with Marcus Taylor, specialist partner at BuildingMENA.com

Some of the data in this list has been sourced from Taylor Sterling Associates. 


NEXT PAGE: How many applications does an advertised job receive?

On average an advertised job receives more than 200 applications.

"Only 4% of those applicants will actually call to push for an interview," Taylor tells Construction Week.

"So, make your application stand out with a CV tailored to the job and the company. Make it easy to read with a clear and concise track record of how you have developed in your career."

Taylor says applicants calling employers is a sign that they are "genuinely interested in the role with the company".

He adds: "If they take your call, you have 30 seconds to make them see that you see them as something special."

Applicants must use the follow-up call, Taylor explains, to explain why their skills are essential to the employer.

NEXT PAGE: Most interviewers have decided to not hire you within two minutes

"Within two minutes, over 70% interviewers will have made up their mind if they are going not going to hire you," Taylor reveals.

"So remember, first impressions count. Be on time, be well-prepared, and dress appropriately.

"Walk in with your head held high and a firm handshake and smile at the ready," Taylor advises.

NEXT PAGE: Less than five candidates make it to Round 2 

On average, only three candidates will be chosen for a second interview, Taylor says.

"If you have researched and prepared properly, then you should get through the first interview process," he continues.

"Remember, they want you to be the one they hire, so [the opportunity is] yours to lose. Round 2 involves everything you have written down in your first meeting, and really looking at every angle to give you the edge.

"Lateral thinking and an eye for detail will be the key. Take a day off to prepare and don’t wear the same clothes that you did to the first meeting."

NEXT PAGE: More than 60% of hires are made without a job advert

Taylor says that almost 30% of job hires are speculative and are based on the individual applicant.

"More than 60% of hires are made without a job advert being posted and given to a recruiter," he explains.

"Be proactive – choose companies that you want to work for and apply to them directly. But never send a professional email that is titled 'Dear Sir / Dear Madam'.

"This is the recipe for an instant delete. Instead, make your email personal, and show commitment and professionalism," Taylor advises. 

"You would be amazed what can happen with a speculative email and a good follow-up phone call."


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