Demag cranes place 105t beams for Kuwait's Sheikh Jaber Causeway

ILC deployed two Demag AC 300-6 cranes to lift two 105t concrete beams from a low-bed trailer in two steps, using a tandem lift

Two Demag cranes were used to lift concrete beams for Kuwait's Sheikh Jabar Causeway project [image: PMV Middle East].
Two Demag cranes were used to lift concrete beams for Kuwait's Sheikh Jabar Causeway project [image: PMV Middle East].

Kuwait-based Integrated Logistics Company (ILC) announced the scope of its work on the country's Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Causeway. 

The road connection, which is around 36km long, includes a 27km bridge over Kuwait Bay, and is one of the world's most notable infrastructure schemes. 

Among the activities carried out for the project was the lifting of precast concrete components from a hydraulic, dolly-type trailer, with a turn-table system. Precast components also had to be placed in pre-assigned positions. 

The steel-reinforced concrete elements weighed around 105t, and were approximately 37m long, 1m wide, and 2.3m tall, necessitating the use of a tandem lift. 

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ILC transported pre-assembled concrete supports to the construction site near Sabiya. 

Prior to lifting work, two Demag AC 300-6 cranes, accompanied by four tractor-trailer rigs, were brought to the site. 

The tractor-trailer rigs helped to transport the required counterweight, of around 50t. 

Crane operators needed two hours to set up the cranes, it has been reported.

For the tandem lift, cranes were fit-out with 24.4m-long main booms, counterweights of 26.7t, and an 80t hook block with seven-part reeving. 

An outrigger support base, spanning 8.68m x 8.48m, provided stability, preparing the cranes to lift the two 105t concrete beams from the low-bed trailer, in two steps through the tandem lift. 

The cranes then swiveled them sideways to a radius of 9m, and lowered them at the specified spot, PMV Middle East reported.

Commenting on the operation, Salah Al Huwaidi, chief executive officer of ILC, said: "The assembly-friendly design was decisive for the use of our two Demag AC 300-6 cranes on this construction site, since the quick setup was crucial to adhere to the tight time constraints.

"The quick working speed, maneuvrability, and fast setup of the cranes enabled the ILC team to complete the job in just one day," he added. 

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