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Forklift tyre to mitigate static build-up set for Cemat 2018 launch

Camso's Solideal PON 775 NMAS has been developed to help warehouse managers and operators manage the risk of static electricity and heat that is generated by non-marking tyres

Camso's Solideal PON 775 NMAS tyre will be showcased at Cemat 2018 in Hannover, Germany.
Camso's Solideal PON 775 NMAS tyre will be showcased at Cemat 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

A forklift tyre has been developed to mitigate the risk of static electricity generated by non-marking tyres.

Camso will showcase the Solideal PON 775 non-marking anti-static (NMAS) press-on tyre at the Cemat 2018 exhibition. 

Dubai-headquartered Al Saeedi is Camso's distributor in the Middle East.

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High-intensity applications may lead tyres to experiencing heat build-up, and non-marking tyres also face static build-up. 

Darren Stratton, product management director for material handling at Camso, said the Solideal PON 775 NMAS tyre would benefit operators and warehouse managers.

"The accumulation of static electricity on forklifts is common in non-marking tyres, because of the silica used as reinforcing filler, allowing the tyre to have isolating properties," he explained.

"This can lead to a number of problems, such as driver electrical shocks, forklift onboard electronic issues or outages, and fire hazards." 

Camso said the Solideal PON 775 NMAS offers a 63% improvement in terms of resistance to heat build-up, as well as 35% greater energy efficiency, compared to its Solideal Magnum smooth non-marking range. 

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Stratton said the tyre was launched in response to customer needs, adding: "The Solideal PON 775 NMAS provides a solution to an existing problem that had never really been addressed before."

Cemat will be held between 23 and 27 April, 2018, in Hannover, Germany.

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