Middle East recruiters must avoid last-minute mistakes

Marcus Taylor, managing partner at Taylor Sterling Associates, explains why hunting for A-grade talent should be a year-round strategy

Marcus Taylor is managing partner at Taylor Sterling Associates.
Marcus Taylor is managing partner at Taylor Sterling Associates.

Marcus Taylor, managing partner at Taylor Sterling Associates, explains why hunting for A-grade talent should be a year-round strategy.

Leading companies have found a way to attract, engage, and retain the best construction talent working in the Middle East today.

The future success of a company is dependent on its hiring practices. The standard of talent hired by a company will either positively contribute towards future growth and profitability, or will, contrastingly, have a negative impact on the business until action is taken to address the issue.

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While there is value in saving time when hiring new candidates, the measures companies take to save time when hiring should never compromise the recruitment process itself. Establishing a firm recruitment process will contribute towards the development of a stronger team of employees, higher retention rates, and better cost-effectiveness, in addition to a range of other benefits. 

Many successful companies are able to meet their targets and achieve outstanding results, but fall short when it comes to recruitment, creating room for unwanted stress, and causing experienced employees to become overloaded.  

Often companies will make the mistake of only hiring a new candidate when a position needs to be filled. Once that candidate has been found, the hiring process will be shut down and only be rebooted again the next time a position becomes vacant. This rushed practice will prevent an employer from finding the ideal candidate for the position or developing a strong team that can deliver long-term success to the business. 

Instead, companies should keep their hiring processes open throughout the entire year to keep an eye out for ‘A-grade players’, then they can be ready to hire them on an ad hoc basis. 

In order to achieve the best results for recruiting new talent, it is important for a company to maintain a formal hiring process and avoid relying on instinct to choose the right candidate for a role. A formal hiring process can begin with identifying a list of desired candidate traits, conducting brief phone interviews and online assessments, before scheduling a final interview with other team members.

Once a company has matched its vacant role with the perfect candidate, the onboarding process becomes equally as important as the hiring process. Many small to medium-sized businesses do not implement onboarding processes that go beyond introducing the new candidate to their team members, followed by a basic briefing about the role and daily tasks.  

It is vital for companies to implement a well-structured onboarding process and to consider the different types of technical and emotional support a new starter may require, whether they ask for it or not. 

New hires can be discouraged immediately if a new organisation is unable to make them feel comfortable in a new role, which can be a problem in terms of staff retention.

The stronger a company’s hiring process is, the better its retention and turnover rates will be. It is important to take the time to develop a recruitment process that is constantly searching for – and identifying – A-grade players with the right skills that can make teams stronger and more efficient. 

A slick and well-oiled recruitment process not only finds better employees, but also saves time and money when it comes to replacing and training new staff. This is why recruitment should not be rushed.  

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