MEP sector urged to adopt BIM software

The broader application of BIM software will slash costs

Using BIM to its full potential during construction can eliminate misco-ordination.
Using BIM to its full potential during construction can eliminate misco-ordination.

The broader application of BIM software will allow MEP engineers to slash costs, speed up design, and improve build quality by reducing mistakes.

Ruggero Valsecchi, export sales manager for Progman Oy, the Finnish developer of building services software program MagiCAD, was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi recently to present a series of training seminars on the software, which is “the market leader and standard in all the Nordic countries, where BIM is already well-established.”

Indeed, the Nordic countries require certain BIM formats for regulatory approvals on building projects. Obviously the UAE is still a long way from such a level of technical proficiency.

“Here it is even more impressive to think that everything concerning MEP design has been done in 2D.” This is where a solution like MagiCAD comes into its own.

“Time, energy and cost savings are inherent because you already have all the information you need in your model.” The risk of iterative errors is also reduced markedly.

“The more people who are involved in the process, the greater the chance of introducing mistakes, which have cost implications, as you have to spend more time reproducing project information manually. Then work has to be redone, material is wasted, or material is missing at the last minute. Changes or modifications have to be effected on-site.”

Inherent Advantages
The inherent advantage of MagiCAD is that “it solves co-ordination problems in the project phase and not on-site. This reduces the timeframe to completion as everything flows smoothly.”

Valsecchi adds now is the ideal time for Progman Oy to consolidate its local presence, as companies were too preoccupied during the boom times to even consider changing their procedures. “The pace of new projects is tapering off and competition is getting tighter, which means companies are looking at boosting their productivity. So now is the ideal time for companies to look at alternatives. This is why we are here.”

Main features
Valsecchi says “MagiCAD is quite comprehensive. On the one side you have system design, while on the other you have all the calculations necessary to size and balance systems, as well as co-ordinate a project automatically in terms of collision control and void provision, for example.”

The software currently includes product information from 80 different manufacturers, and this database is growing continually.

“The idea with this is that when you design a system, you are using real products with real geometry and technical data, so all your calculations are highly accurate right from inception. This means the bill of materials is also based on real information which, in turn, gives the project manager better control over costs.

“Another feature of the company specifically is that we produce, develop, support, train and deliver the software ourselves, so the contact with the customer is quite direct.

We are, of course, now looking at increasing our activity here, with the long-term goal of growing local know-how. We get constant feedback on what may be missing or any problems that may be encountered, which provides the main resource for keeping the product as up to date and as relevant as possible.”

MagiCAD is essentially an add-on to AutoCAD, which boosts its interoperability and user-friendliness.

Depending on the specific needs of a company or even a specific project, either workstation or network licences can be acquired. “We have a wide range of users, from designers to consultants, contractors, manufacturers and building owners.”

Additional MagiCAD training seminars will be held at the end of November. For further information, e-mail

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