Induction cooling unit launched for hotels

System has no need for filters or drainage

Carl Tobisson, Swegon, business development director
Carl Tobisson, Swegon, business development director

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A new induction cooling unit aimed at the hotel industry has been unveiled at The Big 5 by Swegon. The product has just been launched in the UAE market, but has just secured a 300-room contract for an airport hotel in Oslo.

“Unlike a traditional fan coil unit, Paragon has no need for filters or drainage, meaning there is no risk of bacterial growth,” said business development director Carl Tobisson.

Another advantage is that Paragon is available as a standard modular unit, with all the necessary actuators and valves premounted.

“This results in a significant overall saving in installation costs,” adds Tobisson. “The small size of the unit, which is only 180 mm high, means that the false ceiling space can be reduced dramatically as well.”

“The hotel industry here is an ideal target market, as you find that most of the hotels do not have full-glass facades. This means a reduced demand in the cooling load needed to cope with the insolation produced by glass. Therefore, Paragon is ideal, as you do not need large-capacity fan coil units,” explains Tobisson.

Paragon has other unique features: air distribution is parallel with the ceiling, which means it can be placed at the rear of a room; adjustable supply air grilles direct the air vertically; an anti-draught function controls horizontal diffusion or air direction; the enclosed unit means that the recirculated air never comes into contact with the space above the false ceiling, further enhancing indoor air quality.

Paragon is supplied with the Conductor room control system, which together forms an “optimal solution” for hotel rooms specifically, says Tobisson. In terms of the functioning of the total system, all that is required to activate it is for the occupant to insert a room’s key card in its holder.

The airflow then increases automatically from a low level to normal output. The temperature adjusts simultaneously to the same comfort level. As soon as the occupant vacates the room, the ventilation and temperature return to the former economy mode. Apart from the automatic control, the room occupant can also set the airflow and temperature manually as required, in three easy steps.

“Paragon is a dry system, which combats the risk of bacterial growth. Even so, when disinfection and cleaning are required, an accessory kit is available, containing quick-fit couplings, flexible hoses and shut-off valves for fast and easy disassembly,” explains Tobisson.

The Conductor room control system can communicate with external monitoring systems via Modbus. It can be customised easily for either constant or demand-controlled airflow. If a simpler control system is required, Luna is a simplified option providing constant airflow without the communication option.

Swegon AB is a Scandinavian market leader in indoor climate control, air-conditioning and ventilation. Newly-established in the UAE, its aim is to introduce cutting-edge technology to the region, such as chilled beams, which use water as opposed to air to remove heat from a room.

“The Big 5 is the most important platform to introduce new products and to showcase innovation. We would like to commend the organisers on their sterling efforts in this regard, which promise to pay handsome dividends for the entire region,” concludes Tobisson.

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