Legionella risk looming over Middle East

KHS introduces product to lower danger of legionnella

Achim Maiworm, general sales manager, Kemper Hygiene Systems
Achim Maiworm, general sales manager, Kemper Hygiene Systems

Legionnella could pose a huge risk to Middle Eastern countries, a hygiene systems firm has reported. “Legionnaire’s disease causes hundreds of deaths per year in Germany, and that is where safety standards are the very highest, it is a huge issue,” said Achim Maiworm, general sales manager, Kemper Hygiene Systems at The Big 5.

KHS offers a periodic flushing system for all types of buildings, including hospitals, doctor surgeries and hotels.

The automatic flushing system ensures that water is not left standing for a long amount of time, reducing the risk of it turning stagnant and microbiology forming in the water.

The technology of the KHS product involves the Venturi principle of lower pressure in one nozzle causing a pressure differential; this then creates a flow from ring pipe into the wet cell.

The units offered by KHS can also ensure water is kept at a certain temperature decided by the end user. “The user can decide at what level to keep the water, for drinking water they may want the water at 22 degrees to be on the safe side, this is entirely up to the user,” stated Maiworm.

However there are some challenges facing the product in the Middle East. “This technology is not cheap, and may cost a lot at the beginning. However we believe that safety must be more important. Legionnella is extremely dangerous and owners of buildings must look to stamp it out in some way. The product is new in the Middle East but has been used in Germany for some time,” revealed Maiworm.

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