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Shivani Adalja
Shivani Adalja

By Shivani Adalja

So much has been written about feng shui, and so much has been said, but is it really worth all the talk? If you ask me, absolutely! It changes your surroundings and by doing so it changes your life.

So what exactly is it about feng shui that has the whole world talking about it? Simply put, it is an 8,000 year old Chinese science of energy management. It focuses on how to achieve balance in your external environment and find much-needed balance at home and work.

Feng shui in Chinese means wind and water. Wind is always associated with good harvest and prosperity while water is the source of life and energy. By balancing these two energies one can reap the benefits of feng shui.

Feng shui has five main elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All spaces around us feature these five elements, and a good feng shui consultant will identify these with the help of a ‘lo pan’, a Chinese compass, and will help you balance them.

Which, naturally, brings us on to the next question: how does one balance energies that one can’t even see? The answer is simple. Feng shui follows ancient formulas for property calculations and with the help of a ‘lo pan’, one can easily use these formulas and benefit from feng shui.

Feng shui can be applied in both residential and commercial properties. When applied in commercial properties, one can immediately see the difference in businesses and employee satisfaction. In an office, one can implement principles of feng shui by arranging the desks of all employees to suit their personalised feng shui.

Furthermore, areas for wealth and prosperity can be enhanced by the placement of a water fountain or moving objects such as photocopy machines. Placing plants at the office reception brings in harmonious energy flow and this helps balance overall energies in the office.

When one applies the principles of feng shui in a hotel or a restaurant, the focus is on turnover and bringing in more business. Identifying the cash flow area for the business and enhancing it appropriately can easily achieve this.

Even the décor of the restaurant or hotel can reflect certain colours to attract more clients and gain popularity. Placement of certain objects in specific locations can boost the energy movement and help bring in more business. Many hotels across the globe are built on principles of feng shui and have seen growth and prosperity as a result.

Feng shui can help with residential properties as well and plays a very important role in helping create appropriate interiors. When designing a house, one must take into consideration all the members residing in the house, and their age. Once a consultant has identified the roles of all family members, then feng shui property assessment can determine ideal room allocation and sleeping directions, based on the individual dates of birth of all members. The interior of a home needs to reflect feelings of togetherness and warmth, as it will help strengthen family ties.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of feng shui, everyone from Hollywood celebrities to businessmen are implementing feng shui in their personal spaces.

There has also been a definite rise in awareness of feng shui in the Middle East, as more and more people are waking up to its benefits. I myself have seen a 50% rise in consultation requests in the last one year alone.

To give you an example, a well-known spa in Dubai, Cleopatra’s, contacted me for a feng shui consultation. They had witnessed a drop in regular clientele and were not able to understand why it was happening. Upon my visit to the spa, I analysed the energies and came to the conclusion that the spa was lacking money energy as it had no movement in certain areas.

Once the problem area was identified, I suggested that they place a water fountain in certain locations throughout the spa, and bamboo plants were placed at the entrance.

Within a week I received feedback from the managing director and the spa manager that business had improved and regular members had started coming back to the spa.

Many such success stories have given feng shui the reputation of blending science with magic, as it continues to change people lives.

Shivani Adalja is a wellbeing and feng shui consultant based in Abu Dhabi. After years of studying various occult sciences, Adalja established a holistic consultancy company called Pathwood, which deals in aura reading workshops, feng shui consultations and tarot card readings. Contact Adalja on +971 (0)50 68 11 728 or, or visit her website,

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