Change is inevitable. And the time for the inevitable is here.

Conrad Egbert.
Conrad Egbert.

Change is inevitable. And the time for the inevitable is here.

With a heavy heart, I write my last column as the editor of Construction Week – a regional, home-grown magazine which, in its own right, has become a runaway success story.

It has been a long and exciting journey, much of which has been filled with personal threats, hate-mail, car-chases (no, i’m not joking!) and even questions from the authorities.

But as the magazine grew and our presence became a force to reckon with, those threats changed to gentlemanly conversations, the hate-mail to compliments and the car-chases, well … into a couple of stretched limo-rides to interview top local and global figures in the construction industry.

Thinking back, my first issue of the magazine in January 2005 was number 52; it was just over a year old and relatively unknown. But five years and 265 issues later, it is now one of the most recognised, and more importantly, credible magazines in the Middle East.

Internationally, it is not unheard-of either. From the New York Times and Canada’s La Presse to the UK’s Daily Mail and the BBC, the award-winning magazine’s news desk has been the last hope for many renowned journalists looking to stand up that ‘impossible’ story.

And we always helped – for the greater good, which is evident in many changes you now see in the region, including better worker rights and higher standards of health and safety on construction sites.

But, all of this would not have been possible without the support of the industry – your support through sponsorships and advertising, while allowing us to hold on to our credibility, your letters, comments and most of all, your criticisms. CW is you, and you are CW. The magazine’s success is yours and your success is reflected through it.

The construction industry in the Middle East has survived one of the worst economic downturns and also enjoyed one of the biggest booms. I have no doubt it will pull through these times to grow even bigger and better.

Change is all around us. And with Construction Week and the industry it serves, working together, a positive change is inevitable.

Signing out for the last time, I wish you all the best!

New contact details
I have been appointed Group Editor for ITP Publishing’s India office in Mumbai, to help grow the company brand there. India’s economic growth for 2010-2011 is predicted to be as high as 8% by the International Monetary Fund. Just to put things in perspective – the UAE’s predicted growth rate is between 1% and 3% for 2010. I can be reached at my email address which will remain the same at Website  

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