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Rashed Mubarak Al Hajeri discusses his plans for Cityscape 2010

Abu Dhabi's department of Municipal Affairs chairman Rashed Mubarak Al Hajeri.
Abu Dhabi's department of Municipal Affairs chairman Rashed Mubarak Al Hajeri.

Abu Dhabi’s department of Municipal Affairs chairman Rashed Mubarak Al Hajeri discusses his plans for Cityscape 2010, which will take place in the UAE capital this week.

What are your plans for Cityscape 2010?
We plan to celebrate our success. We really want to emphasise our commitment to actively achieve plan 2030, by showcasing projects that commit to a new dimension in quality municipal services, taking into consideration the needs of residents and visitors to the emirate.

How will this year’s event compare to last year’s?
This year we have a unique unified stand together with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and the Western Region Municipality. DMA’s ‘Membrane’ stand design will showcase world class technologies and is our main theme at Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2010.

The ‘Membrane’ conveys the message of an independent and transparent authority that protects and covers all. The stand’s design is also permeable to outside influences, innovations and yet acts as a filter to protect and retain its own culture and identity. The stand’s technology consists of a 4D theatre, augmented reality kiosk, projector shows, and touch screens.

Do you expect to see an increased number of visitors?
Yes, I hope so. The GCC remains a stable and prosperous region. However, it would be pointless to deny that in terms of global perception the area needs a beacon and I firmly believe Abu Dhabi’s resilience and ambition have provided that. I really believe there is a sense of energy and interest around Abu Dhabi and believe Cityscape provides a great opportunity for people to see and experience that.

Will there be any major announcements from DMA at Cityscape?
Together with Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and the Western Region Municipality, we will be showcasing 30 projects through world-class technology. These projects are spread to include infrastructure, landscape, and customer services. These projects will highlight having one, unified municipal system working to deliver a better quality of life, work, and investment.

What are the benefits of attending Cityscape?
We are working harder, smarter and more effectively to deliver a better quality of life and to achieve a sustainable living environment in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and Cityscape is a great opportunity to develop a sense of interest in the sustainability projects taking place in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

What important initiatives do you have planned for this year?
Among our major initiatives is adapting international building codes and global standards of regulation in Abu Dhabi. One of the most important projects to be showcased, the building codes will provide a better quality of life across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and will spread a new culture of climate sensitive, durable, high performance ‘green’ buildings among the construction and investment companies.

How have you seen Abu Dhabi change since DMA’s establishment in 2007?
We have been working together to achieve an advanced municipal system that enables sustainable development and enhances quality of living for the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Since 2007, we have succeeded in our mission to achieve the Abu Dhabi Government’s objective of providing distinctive municipal services that enhance the quality of living of all residents through coordination, oversight and monitoring of the Abu Dhabi municipalities and municipal councils.

Abu Dhabi has been in a position to weather many of the economic storms and, frankly, exploit its relative strength to position itself more than ever as a destination of choice.

We have been able to host a series of world class events of which Cityscape is just the latest, while pushing on with a raft of regulatory measures that have proven a great platform in saying to the world that conforming to the highest standards in building and planning only underscores our ambition to be considered among the world’s elite.

Al Hajeri was appointed as the chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs in January 2009. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Executive Council, the Environment and Infrastructure Committee of the Executive Council, the Urban Planning Council and the board of directors for Holding Company in Abu Dhabi.

Al Hajeri commenced his professional career in 1984 at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority before becoming the deputy director of Financial and Administrative Affairs to the end of 1993. He was later appointed as a member of Executive Council of Abu Dhabi and a chairman of Department of Civil Service. Al Hajeri holds a bachelor in Public Administration and Law from UAE University.

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