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CW Staff

Oman petro giant PDO optimistic despite low oil prices in 2019
Petroleum Development Oman, which operates 130 oil fields and works with 45,000 contractors,...
Exploring the future of UAE farming with Masdar City in Abu Dhabi
Masdar City's Yousef Baselaib explains how renewable energy growth can spur agro development...
Inside the US-built home of the future at Dubai's MBR Solar Park
Inside Virginia Tech's 3D-printed smart home that won top honours at the 2018 Solar...
Temporary power systems will make a comeback in 2019
Regional temporary power suppliers will grow as the Middle East 'recovers' from the...
McDermott Mideast boss backs modularisation for petrochem plants
Linh Austin says modularisation is the future of industrial plant construction
Rawda and UNA project in Dubai almost 50 per cent complete
Town Square development due for completion in 2020