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Dennis Daniel

Dennis Daniel is editor of PMV Middle East, a sister title of Construction Week.
Is self-healing concrete technology the future of construction?
Researchers at the University of Cambridge are using microencapsulation tech to develop self...
Construction update: Dubai's Falconcity of Wonders pyramid hotel
Unibeton has pumped more than 26,000m3 of concrete for the Medium Pyramid hotel apartments
UAE experts discuss rising fuel costs and TCO for Middle East fleets
Reducing the total cost of ownership can cut costs for the region's fleet operators, such as...
The Middle East is yet to optimise fleet management tech
Fleet management technology has evolved beyond vehicle location updates, but do the region’s...
Japan's Komatsu reveals how to maximise construction drones
"Anyone can fly a drone; it is what you do with the data that makes an impression," a...
Construction update: Symphony – Business Bay in Dubai
Gemini Property Developers and National Piling outline the progress of piling and foundation...