Sponsored content: ZWSOFT on the benefits of Network Licensing

ZWSOFT draws distinction between named-user subscription and network licensing, and outlines benefits of the latter

With NLAT, you’ll find how CAD software can help get your design work done
With NLAT, you’ll find how CAD software can help get your design work done

Engineering software provide ZWSOFT has devised methods to experience the benefits of Network Licensing through Network Licenses and a NLAT (Network Licensing Analytical Tool). If you need to manage a certain number of licenses and want to have a clear overall picture of them, NLAT can be a good helper.


Named-user Subscription can only be used by one single user, which means that IT managers will need to purchase licenses for all designers in the company, including those who don’t use it frequently.
However, through Network Licensing, the nodes in the server can be allocated flexibly, which means a limited amount of licenses can be used by users of more than that amount, greatly maximising software utilisation while minimising the cost.

According to what I’ve learned from many users, this way is actually very practical, because usually designers are not using the software at the same time. Peak-shifting usage is especially useful for companies with a large number of users, and the transnational ones in which designers are in different time zones.


Now you may wonder, will it be troublesome to acquire licenses from the server? It can be easier than entering your usernames and passwords. You just need to enter the IP or name of your server. Once connected with the server, the licenses can be obtained automatically after starting the software, and returned after exiting.

In the event of a business trip or the like, wherein users cannot stay connected with the server, they can still borrow licenses from the server and use the software with a softkey for 180 days even without the Internet.

Moreover, licenses can be returned automatically if they haven’t been used by a client for a specific period of time. Different product versions can also be allocated to specific users, making it user-friendly and flexible in nature.


Network Licensing comes into play when due to security requirements, a company’s server is unable to connect with the Internet or WAN (Wide Area Network). Users can activate, distribute and return the licenses only with the LAN (Local Area Network) after the server is activated alongwith the Internet, ensuring companies’ data security.

Offline activation is also available for higher security requirements.

Easy Management

The higher the flexibility, the more difficult the management will be. NLAT (Network License Analysis Tool), which is a ZWSOFT-developed tool for IT managers, facilitates better management of the license usage.

With NLAT, IT managers can check the number of all licenses being used in real time, and the overall situation including the type of licenses, hostname, product versions, the start and end time and the hours of use. They can also check the usage during a specific period of time by product filter and time filter, and export the data to .xlsx or .csv files.


Network licensing is flexible, friendly and secure. Together with NLAT, you’ll find how CAD software can help get your design work done perfectly while saving your cost. And the good news is, all the aforementioned can be realized in ZWCAD.

In order to let you better experience the benefits of Network Licensing, from, ZWSOFT is offering free ZWCAD Network Licenses as well as a NLAT worth $499 until December 31, 2020, particularly suited for companies with more than 20 designers.

Apply now to avail the offer as well as a one-on-one setting assistance.

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