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UAE labour ministry Mohre cuts work permit fees by up to 94%

New fees with reductions of 50-94% have been announced for 145 services and 128 transactions supervised by the ministry

Mohre is the UAE's labour ministry.
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Mohre is the UAE's labour ministry.

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has reduced fees for 128 services provided by its Tas’heel, Tad-beer, Twa-foq, and Tawjeeh centres, and its Taqyeem service, as well as for 17 other fees that have seen price reductions of 50-94%.

The reductions are in implementation of the UAE Cabinet’s resolution regarding the fees and fines of the ministry.

The revised fee structure is applicable based on a new classification system of companies, based on skills level and workforce diversity.

Application fees of work permits for teenagers, part-time or temporary workers, and training work has been reduced by 50% across different types of establishment.

Employee probation permit fees have been reduced from AED100* to AED50, while work permit amendment fees have been halved to AED100.

Two-year work permit issuance fees have respectively been halved to AED150 and AED300 for skilled and unskilled labour at Category 1 companies.

Four levels – named Levels A, B, C, and D – make up Category 2 companies, for which skilled labour fees have been halved.

Category 2 companies in the UAE, according to a tweet by Mohre, will now pay fees of AED250, AED500, AED750, and AED1,000 for ‘skilled labour’ permits across firms within Levels A-D.

Limited skilled labour permit fees will remain unchanged at AED1,200 for Level A, AED2,200 for Level B, AED2,700 for Level C, and AED3,200 for Level D firms.

Category 3 of Mohre’s updated two-year work permit issuance fees will see skilled labour fees halved to AED2,500, while limited skilled labour permit fees will remain AED5,000.

Skilled labour fees have also been amended for two-year employee transfer permits from one establishment to another.

Under the revised system, skilled labour transfer permit fees for Category 1 will now cost AED75.

Companies classified under Levels A-D of Category 2 will pay halved skilled labour transfer permit fees of AED125, AED250, AED375, and AED500.

Skilled labour permit transfer fees for Category 3 companies will be valued at AED1,250.

Commenting on the updates, the UAE’s Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli, said the fee reduction was part of the government’s efforts to foster an investor-friendly environment.

According to UAE state news agency, Wam, Al Hamli added that the reduction of operational recruitment costs would spur investment, as well as empower Emirati nationals to find work in the private sector.

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