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Saudi oil production unaffected by drone attack on East-West pipeline
Energy minister Khalid Al-Falih says Saudi Arabia condemns 'cowardly attack' that led to fire, minor
How has technology disrupted the Middle East's construction sector?
The increasing uptake of automation, drones, and 3D printing dispels doubts that construction is failing
The world's top 10 construction technology trends to watch in 2019
From drones to AI and 3D printing to self-healing concrete, these are the world's most
Japan's Komatsu reveals how to maximise construction drones
"Anyone can fly a drone; it is what you do with the data that makes
ADM reviews drone-use framework
Discussion topics at the workshop held on the weekend at Abu Dhabi Police HQ included
Podcast: Lift-off for drones in the Middle East?
Construction Week's latest podcast looks at why we are starting to see an increase in
Construction technology is a long-term reality in the Middle East
Experts examine the smart building trends in today’s construction industry and discuss how the sector
Could drones become popular in the security sector?
What impact will drones have on the regional safety and security sector? Positive regulatory development

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