King Fahd Causeway

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Causeway records 131,000 travellers in 1 day
The number of people who travelled across the King Fahd Causeway on 11 January is
Saudi Arabia may construct bridge over route to Egypt
The 7-9km bridge is expected to pass through Egypt's famous Sharm El-Sheikh city
Saudi-Bahrain causeway consultancy tender opens
A consortium is required to oversee the implementation phase of Kind Hamad Causeway's transition phase
Saudi, Bahrain plan new road and railway causeway
A new road and rail causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is being planned to
Saudi to build two bridges linking Bahrain, Qatar
The fist bridge of 40km-long will be built between Al-Ahsa and Bahrain, while the second
Bahrain, Saudi Arabia push for $3bn causeway
Plans for a second causeway, comprising road and rail links to join with GCC Rail,
Bahrain-Saudi rail link study ready by March
Transport official says GCC rail link station will be built on a new artificial island
Second bridge approved linking Saudi and Bahrain
New bridge to be called King Hamad Causeway

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